Arya Stark: "Where's everyone going?"
Urchin: "They're taking him to the Sept of Baelor!"
Arya Stark: "Who?"
Urchin: "The Hand of the King!"
Arya Stark and the urchin before the Execution of Eddard Stark[src]
A King's Landing urchin lives on the streets of King's Landing.


Season 1

While Arya Stark is in Flea Bottom, she hears a commotion and sees people starting to run past. She calls to a small ragged child and asks him where the crowds are going. As he is running past her, he tells her that they are taking "him" to the Great Sept of Baelor. When she asks who, he looks back over his shoulder and says, "The Hand of the King!".[1]


Season One appearances
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