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King of the Isles and the Rivers was a title held by the ironborn ruler of the Iron Islands and the Riverlands. The Ironborn conquered the territory of the Riverlands from the Storm Kings some three generations before the Targaryen Conquest. There were only three Kings of the Iron Islands and the Riverlands before Aegon the Conqueror invaded the Seven Kingdoms. The final King, Harren Hoare, was killed by dragonfire when Balerion destroyed Harrenhal.

Kings of the Isles and the Rivers

Image Shield Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
Harwyn Hoare House-Hoare-Main-Shield Harwyn I, Hardhand ? BAL • Son of Qhorwyn I (over the Iron Islands)

• Right of Conquest (over the Riverlands)

House-Hoare-Main-Shield Halleck I ? BAL • Son of Harwyn I Unknown
Harren Hoare House-Hoare-Main-Shield Harren I, The Black ? BAL - 2 AL • Son of Halleck I Unknown

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