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"I've seen how the land stretches much farther than any man knows, into the Land of Always Winter where the White Walkers came from during the Long Night."
Jon Snow[src]
The Lands of Always Winter is a colloquial and not rigidly-defined name given to the lands that lie in the furthest north of the continent of Westeros. They are so-named as snow falls in these lands even in the warmest summers. The wildlings control some of this territory, but it also extends into subarctic wastelands that are not hospitable to human life. These lands are said to lie north of even the Haunted Forest and the Frozen Shore, beyond the Wall. The White Walkers may originate in this region.[1]


Season 4Edit


A White Walker rides through the frozen wasteland of the Lands of Always Winter.

A White Walker seizes the last son of the wildling Craster and takes him all the way to the Lands of Always Winter. There he is transformed into a White Walker himself.[2]

In the booksEdit

Lands of Always Winter

A map showing the rough location of the Lands of Always Winter on the continent of Westeros.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Lands of Always Winter are mostly unexplored. They lie beyond the northern-most wildling kingdom, the land of the Thenns in the northern valleys of the Frostfangs. The wildlings believe that the White Walkers come from this region, but even the northernmost wildling tribes have little if any knowledge of the region - as few who have ventured so far north have ever lived to tell about it, if only due to the deathly cold temperatures.

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