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Lannister soldier: "We found the Blackfish, my lord."
Jaime Lannister: "Good. Bring him to me."
Lannister soldier: "He died fighting, my lord."
— The soldier reports to Ser Jaime Lannister[src]
Lannister soldier is an unnamed character in the sixth season. He is played by guest star Brahm Gallagher and debuts in "No One". He informs Jaime Lannister of Brynden Tully's death during the Second Siege of Riverrun.


Season 6

During the second siege of Riverrun, he informs Jaime Lannister that they had found Brynden Tully. When Jaime asks the soldier to bring the Blackfish to him, he replies that the Blackfish had died fighting.[1]


Season Six appearances
The Red Woman Home Oathbreaker Book of the Stranger The Door
Blood of My Blood The Broken Man No One Battle of the Bastards The Winds of Winter


  1. "No One"
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