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Lannister soldier: "My wife's just had our first baby."
Arya Stark: "Boy or girl?"
Lannister soldier: "Oh, who knows? You think soldiers get ravens with news from home?"
— The Lannister soldier converses with Arya Stark[src]

Lannister soldier serves in the army sent to the Riverlands to keep the peace after the Assassinations at the Twins. He is among the group of soldiers encountered by Arya Stark. He had become a father when he was conscripted into the Lannister army.



The soldier had a wife with whom he conceived a child before he departed for King's Landing. When he finally reached the city, he found it to be a foul and dangerous place full of treacherous people. He was sent to the Riverlands along with his comrades to keep the peace following some trouble with House Frey.

Season 7

He was sitting by a campfire with his comrades singing a rendition of "Hands of Gold" when Arya Stark approached their camp. They offered to share their food and wine with her and she accepted their invitation. When she told them that she was heading for King's Landing, he warned her that the city's streets were covered in shit and pig's blood and that the people there would skin her alive if they could make two coppers off of her hide. He told her that his wife had just had their first baby, though when Arya asked if it was a boy or a girl he admitted that he did not know, as soldiers did not receive ravens with news from home. He expressed hope that it was a girl who would look after him when he grew old, rather that a boy who would go off to fight in someone else's war. He then asked Arya why she was going to King's Landing, and laughed along with the others when she told them that she was going with the intention of killing Queen Cersei Lannister, mistaking it for a joke.[1]


Season Seven appearances
Dragonstone Stormborn The Queen's Justice The Spoils of War Eastwatch Beyond the Wall The Dragon and the Wolf


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