701 Legends of the Long Night cover

Gilly looks at the cover of Legends of the Long Night.

Legends of the Long Night is a history book, researching scattered legendary accounts of the Long Night 8,000 years ago, when the White Walkers first attempted to destroy the world of the living.[1]


Season 7

701 Legends of the Long night 1

the open page Gilly reads from Legends of the Long Night.

When Samwell Tarly inquires Archmaester Ebrose about the army of the dead, Ebrose replies that the tales of the Long Night are unlikely to be fabrications due to the similarities between unconnected sources. Later, Samwell steals the book from the Citadel's restricted library, but fails to collect any valuable information from it. Gilly then starts reading through it.[2]

In the books

No such book has been mentioned by name in the A Song of Ice and Fire novels. The on-screen text of the book in the Season 7 premiere is actually a block quote from The World of Ice and Fire.