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Lady Olenna holding a plate of lemon cakes.


Sansa Stark is presented with a lemon cake.

Olenna Tyrell: "Shall we have some lemon cakes?"
Sansa Stark: "Lemon cakes are my favorite."
Olenna Tyrell: "So we've been told."
Olenna Tyrell and Sansa Stark during their first meeting.[src]

Lemon cakes are a kind of sweet baked dessert, made using lemons. They are typically served as small cakes, held and eaten with one hand (as opposed to a larger cake requiring utensils). Lemon cakes are relatively expensive treats enjoyed by upper-class noblewomen of the Seven Kingdoms, where they are a mainstay at the refined social gatherings of noble courts.

Lemon cakes are Sansa Stark's favorite food.[1]

In the books


Margaery with a lemon cake.

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, a running joke is that Sansa Stark is obsessed with lemon cakes. They are a dainty enjoyed by refined "proper" ladies at court, and Sansa can think of nothing better in the world than the paragon of "lady-like" pursuits: a social gathering with major noblewoman wearing extravagant dresses, reclining on feather pillows, sipping tea and gossiping while eating lemon cakes.


As proper courtly ladies, the Tyrells share lemon cakes with Sansa Stark.

Thus in many ways lemon cakes come to symbolize Sansa's concepts of what normal, glamorous court-life is like: she wanted nothing more than to have lemon cakes and tea with Queen Cersei while chatting about her proposed marriage to her son Joffrey - but this eventually turns into a living nightmare, as Joffrey kills her father and has the "honorable" knights of his Kingsguard beat her to a bloody pulp in front of the entire court, with Cersei unable and unwilling to restrain her son. When Olenna and Margaery meet with Sansa, they give her lemon cakes, treat her with kind words, and give her the basic respect befitting the daughter of one of the major Houses of the realm - symbolizing that they maintain the refinement and decency that the nobility of the Seven Kingdoms are supposed to possess, but the Lannisters lack.

Sansa chastises her sister Arya for enjoying "un-ladylike" pursuits, particularly that Arya would rather run off and explore the Ruby Ford with her friend Mycah the butcher's son, when she could be having tea and lemon cakes with Queen Cersei. These lines were cut from the TV show, however, this exchange was used as the audition scene for both Sophie Turner (Sansa) and Maisie Williams (Arya).[2]

Sansa's obsession with lemon cakes is also more understandable in context: citrus fruits such as lemons don't grow in the North, and with medieval methods of food transport and preservation being what they are, lemon cakes are actually a relatively expensive treat for those living in the North. Dorne in the far south is the only region of the Seven Kingdoms where citrus fruits grow, far away from Winterfell.

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