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Stannis pulls Lightbringer from the burning effigy.

"Stannis Baratheon, Warrior of Light... your sword awaits you."

Lightbringer is the sword of Stannis Baratheon. At the behest of Melisandre, he pulls it out of the fire created by burning statues of the Seven.

According to prophecy, Lightbringer would be pulled from fire by the Lord's Chosen, the Prince That Was Promised, champion of the Lord of Light.

​In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Lightbringer is a sword of legend, forged and wielded by Azor Ahai, chosen by the Lord of Light to fight the darkness. He wielded the blade during the Battle for the Dawn, where he led the Night's Watch and the Children of the Forest and defeated the Others and ended The Long Night. The sword was said to glow and radiate heat, burning whoever touches it.

Stannis' Lightbringer is not claimed to literally be the same sword. Just as the Prince That Was Promised is supposed to be reincarnated, Lightbringer is supposed to metaphorically "come again". The recreated sword wielded by Stannis does glow brightly, but it does not radiate heat.

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