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The Long Farewell is a poison originating from Asshai. As its name implies, it takes some time to take effect, but it is highly lethal. One single drop making contact with the skin is enough to bring about death. Symptoms include bleeding from the nose, and nausea. Of all the known poisons, it is the only whose antidote has been presented and used successfully.

It is unclear how long it takes the poison to take effect: Bronn was imprisoned for hours or even days before he received the antidote, but in case of Myrcella - it starts taking effect while Ellaria was standing at the docks, no more than several minutes.


Season 5

Bronn poisoned

Bronn suffering from the effects of the long farewell.

Tyene Sand is particularly fond of this substance, and coats her twin daggers in it. During a skirmish in the Water Gardens of Dorne she slices Bronn with one such dagger. Later, after making him beg for it, she gives him the only antidote.[1]

As Jaime, Myrcella, and Trystane leave for King's Landing, Ellaria Sand poisons Myrcella with the Long Farewell through a kiss of good will on the lips. Though both are poisoned, Tyene is able to produce an antidote for Ellaria, which she takes after her nose starts to bleed. Myrcella dies in Jaime's arms. [2]


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