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Balon Greyjoy, (deceased) was Lord Reaper of Pyke.

Lord Reaper of Pyke is a title held by the overlord of the Iron Islands, who rules from the castle of Pyke. The title is traditionally held by the head of House Greyjoy, liege of a number of vassal houses, and is currently held by Euron Greyjoy.

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Lord: King Euron III Greyjoy (disputed)
Queen Yara I Greyjoy (disputed)
Heir: TBD
Seat: Pyke, Pyke Lands: The Iron Islands
Title(s): King of the Iron Islands · Lord Reaper of Pyke · King of Salt and Rock · Son of the Sea Wind · Lord of the Iron Islands
Ancestors:The Grey King · Vickon Greyjoy
Current members:Aeron Greyjoy · Alannys Greyjoy · Victarion Greyjoy · Theon Greyjoy
Deceased members:Balon Greyjoy · Rodrik Greyjoy · Maron Greyjoy
Household:{Dagmer} · {Lorren} · {Drennan} · {Gelmarr} · {Stygg} · {Aggar} · {Wex} · {Urzen}

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