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Lord Reaper of Pyke is a title in Game of Thrones. It is held by Balon Greyjoy in the series. The holder rules the Iron Islands from the castle of Pyke and commands the loyalty of several vassal houses. The title is traditionally held by the head of House Greyjoy.

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Lord: {King Balon Greyjoy} Heir: Princess Yara Greyjoy/Prince Theon Greyjoy (disputed)
Seat: Pyke, Pyke Lands: The Iron Islands
Title(s): King of the Iron Islands · Lord Reaper of Pyke · King of Salt and Rock · Son of the Sea Wind · Lord of the Iron Islands
Ancestors:The Grey King · Vickon Greyjoy
Current members:Aeron Greyjoy · Queen Alannys Greyjoy · Euron Greyjoy · Victarion Greyjoy
Deceased members:Rodrik Greyjoy · Maron Greyjoy
Household:{Dagmer} · {Lorren} · {Drennan} · {Gelmarr} · {Stygg} · {Aggar} · {Wex} · {Urzen}

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