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Lord of Bear Island is a title in Game of Thrones. The holder is the ruler of the Bear Island. The role is traditionally held by a the head of House Mormont, a vassal of House Stark.

Known Lords of Bear Island

  • Jeor Mormont - held the title until he joined the Night's Watch.
  • Jorah Mormont - inherited the title from his father and held it until his self-imposed exile to escape execution.
  • Maege Mormont - is the current Lady of Bear Island as Jorah's closest living relative.
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Lord: Lady Lyanna Mormont Heir: Unknown
Seat: Bear Island Lands: The North
Title(s): Lord of Bear Island
Current members:Jorah Mormont · Lynesse Mormont
Deceased members:Jeor Mormont · Maege Mormont
Overlord:House Stark

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