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Casterly Rock, the seat of the Lord of Casterly Rock.

The Lord of Casterly Rock is the ruler of the stronghold of Casterly Rock, the capital of the Westerlands. The holder is the ruler of the entire region of the Westerlands.

The Westerlands were originally a sovereign nation known as the Kingdom of the Rock, until Aegon the Conqueror arrived in Westeros and united the Seven Kingdoms. House Lannister, the richest family in the Seven Kingdoms, have ruled as the Lords of Casterly Rock for thousands of years. According to legend, they have held the title since the Age of Heroes, when Lann the Clever swindled House Casterly out of Casterly Rock using nothing but his wits.

Tywin Lannister is Lord of Casterly Rock at the beginning of the series. He inherited the title from his father Tytos Lannister. Typically, the Lord of Casterly Rock also holds the title of Warden of the West.


Season 3

Despite Tyrion Lannister being the heir to Casterly Rock since his elder brother Jaime is a knight of the Kingsguard, Lord Tywin has made it clear that he has no intention of allowing Tyrion to be the Lord of Casterly Rock following his death. It is therefore not clear who the heir to Casterly Rock currently is.[1]

Season 4

With the murder of Tywin Lannister, Queen Cersei Lannister stands as the new Lady of Casterly Rock as Tywin's closest lawful heir, since Tyrion Lannister has been declared guilty of regicide and fled across the Narrow Sea. Although Jaime made a deal with Tywin to leave the Kingsguard and become his heir again, Tyrion's guilty verdict rendered that deal null, even if Tywin had lived.[2][3]

Season 6

With Jaime's dismissal from the Kingsguard, it is possible that he will inherit his father's titles and positions, thus becoming the new Lord of the Rock ahead of his sister Cersei.[4] However, this has yet to formally happen.[5]

Lords of Casterly Rock

Image Shield Name Reign Titles
Lord Casterly Unknown Lord of Casterly Rock
Lann House-Lannister-Main-Shield Lann, the Clever Unknown

Lord of Casterly Rock

Image Shield Name Reign Tittle
Tommen II Lannister House-Lannister-Main-Shield Tommen II Lannister Unknown King of the Rock
Image Shield Name Reign Tittle
King loren House-Lannister-Main-Shield Loren Lannister, the Last ? - 2 AL
(as sovereign)

2 AL - ?
(as vassal of the Iron Throne)

King of the Rock
(before conquest)

Lord Paramount of the Westerlands
(after conquest)

Warden of the West
(after conquest)

Image Shield Name Reign Titles
House-Lannister-Main-Shield Damon Lannister, the Grey Lion ? - 210 AL Lord Paramount of the Westerlands

Warden of the West

House-Lannister-Main-Shield Gerold Lannister, the Golden 210 - 244 AL Lord Paramount of the Westerlands

Warden of the West

Tytos Lannister House-Lannister-Main-Shield Tytos Lannister, the Toothless Lion 244 - 260 AL Lord Paramount of the Westerlands

Warden of the West

Tywin 1x08 House-Lannister-Main-Shield Tywin Lannister 260 - 301 AL Lord Paramount of the Westerlands

Warden of the West

Hand of the King

S04E08 - Cersei (profile) House-Lannister-Main-Shield Cersei Lannister 301 AL - Present Queen of the Andals and the First Men

Lady Paramount of the Westerlands


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