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[[Category:House Baratheon of Dragonstone]]
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Dragonstone (day)

Dragonstone, the seat of the Lord of Dragonstone.

The Lord of Dragonstone is the ruler of the stronghold of Dragonstone upon the island of Dragonstone in Blackwater Bay. The ruler commands the loyalty of many vassal houses.

Dragonstone is the ancestral seat of House Targaryen. Prior to Robert's Rebellion, the island served as the seat of the heir apparent, known as The Prince of Dragonstone. Dragonstone is given to Stannis Baratheon by his brother, King Robert after he won the Iron Throne.

Lords of Dragonstone

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Lord: King Stannis Baratheon Heir: Princess Shireen Baratheon House-Baratheon-of-Dragonstone-heraldry
Seat: Dragonstone Lands: Blackwater Bay and the Stormlands
Title(s): Lord of Dragonstone
Current members:Queen Selyse Florent
Household:{Maester Cressen} · Lady Melisandre · {Lord Axell Florent} · Ser Davos Seaworth · Ser Imry Florent · {Matthos Seaworth} · Bert

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