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Lord of Highgarden

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Lord of Highgarden is a title in Game of Thrones. The holder is the ruler of The Reach from the castle of Highgarden. Mace Tyrell is the holder during the series. Mace inherited the title from his father Luthor Tyrell.

Known Lords of Highgarden

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Lord: Lord Mace Tyrell Heir: Ser Loras Tyrell
Seat: Highgarden Lands: The Reach
Title(s): Lord Paramount of the Reach · Lord of Highgarden · Warden of the South
Ancestors:Garth Gardener · Harlen Tyrell · Lyonel Tyrell
Current members:Olenna Tyrell · Alerie Tyrell · Margaery Tyrell · Tyrell lady
Deceased members:Luthor Tyrell
Household:Mira Forrester · Sera Durwell
Overlord:House Baratheon of King's Landing

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