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SOW Highpoint Art

Highpoint: Seat of the Lord of Highpoint.

Lord of the Highpoint is a title held by the ruler of the castle Highpoint and its surrounding lands of the Wolfswood region in the North of the Seven Kingdoms. The title is traditionally held by a member of House Whitehill, and, depending on the player's choice in Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, is either Ludd or Torrhen Whitehill.

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Lord: Lord Ludd Whitehill or Lord Torrhen Whitehill Heir: Torrhen Whitehill or Gryff Whitehill
Seat: Highpoint Lands: The Wolfswood, The North
Title(s): Lord of Highpoint
Current members:Gwyn Whitehill · Ebbert Whitehill · Gryff Whitehill (player-determined)
Deceased members:Karl Whitehill · Lady Whitehill · Ludd Whitehill (player-determined) · Gryff Whitehill (player-determined)
Household:{Britt Warrick} · Rickard Morgryn · {Andros} · {Harys} · {Soldier 1}
Overlord:House Bolton

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