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Ironrath: Seat of the Lord of Ironrath.

Lord of the Ironrath is a title held by the ruler of the castle Ironrath and its surrounding lands in the North. The title is traditionally held by a member of House Forrester, and the current Lord is either Rodrik Forrester or Asher Forrester.

Known Lords of Ironrath

  • {Cedric Forrester}, founder of Ironrath and presumably the first person to hold the title 'Lord of Ironrath'.
  • {Thorren Forrester} 'the Bold', held the title until he was slain at the Battle of the Trident.
  • {Gregor Forrester} 'the Good', succeeded his father Thorren and is father of the current lord. Held the position until he was slain by Frey soldiers at The Red Wedding.
  • {Ethan Forrester} 'the Brave', 'the Wise' or 'the Bold', took on the title after the death of his father, Gregor, and presumed death of his older brother, Rodrik. His reign was short lived as he was assassinated by Ramsay Snow within weeks of his rule.
  • Rodrik Forrester, eldest son of Gregor Forrester. He gained the title after he was revealed to have survived the Red Wedding, albeit heavily wounded. He is either heavily wounded after the Battle of Ironrath or sacrificed himself to save his younger brother, Asher.
  • Asher Forrester (player-determined), younger brother of Rodrik Forrester. He inherits the title if Rodrik dies at the Ambush at the Harbor.
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Lord: Lord Rodrik Forrester or Lord Asher Forrester (player-determined) Heir: Ryon Forrester
Seat: Ironrath (formerly) Lands: The Wolfswood, The North
Title(s): Lord of Ironrath (formerly)
Ancestors:Gerhard Forrester · Cedric Forrester· Thorren Forrester
Current members:Elsera Snow · Josera Snow · Talia Forrester · Ryon Forrester · Mira Forrester (player-determined)
Deceased members:Gregor Forrester · Elissa Forrester · Rodrik Forrester (player-determined) · Asher Forrester (player-determined) · Mira Forrester (player-determined) · Ethan Forrester
Household:Royland Degore · {Ortengryn} · Gared Tuttle · Duncan Tuttle · Malcolm Branfield · Beskha · {Norren} · Bowen · Erik · {Thermund} · {Gared's father} · {Gared's sister}
Overlord:House Glover

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