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Ironrath: Seat of the Lord of Ironrath.

Lord of the Ironrath is a title held by the ruler of the castle Ironrath and its surrounding lands in the North. The title is traditionally held by a member of House Forrester, and the current Lord is either Rodrik Forrester or Asher Forrester.

Known Lords of Ironrath

Image Shield Name Reign Relation with predecessor
House-Forrester-Main-Shield Cedric Forrester Around 1200 BAL Unknown
House-Forrester-Main-Shield Thorren Forrester, the Bold ? - 281 AL Unknown
Gregor Forrester Tree House-Forrester-Main-Shield Gregor Forrester, the Good 281 AL - 300 AL Son of Thorren
EthanIFI House-Forrester-Main-Shield Ethan Forrester, the Brave/the Wise/the Bold** 300 AL Son of Gregor
IFI Rodrick Fighting House-Forrester-Main-Shield Rodrik Forrester 300 AL - 301 AL/Present (player-determined) Brother of Ethan
TID Asher Determined House-Forrester-Main-Shield Asher Forrester* 301 AL - Present (player-determined) Brother of Rodrik

* = Player-determined Lord

** = Player-determined Nickname

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Lord: Lord Rodrik Forrester or Lord Asher Forrester (player-determined) Heir: Ryon Forrester
Seat: Ironrath (formerly) Lands: The Wolfswood, The North
Title(s): Lord of Ironrath (formerly)
Ancestors:Gerhard Forrester · Cedric Forrester· Thorren Forrester
Current members:Elsera Snow · Josera Snow · Talia Forrester · Ryon Forrester · Mira Forrester (player-determined)
Deceased members:Gregor Forrester · Elissa Forrester · Rodrik Forrester (player-determined) · Asher Forrester (player-determined) · Mira Forrester (player-determined) · Ethan Forrester
Household:Royland Degore · {Ortengryn} · Gared Tuttle · Duncan Tuttle · Malcolm Branfield · Beskha · {Norren} · Bowen · Erik · {Thermund} · {Gared's father} · {Gared's sister}
Overlord:House Glover

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