The Lord of Karhold, formerly Lord of Karlon's Hold, is a title in the world of Game of Thrones. The title was held by Rickard Karstark until he was beheaded by King in the North Robb Stark under charges of treason.[1] Harald Karstark ascended to lordship afterwards.[2] During the Battle of the Bastards, Harald Karstark is killed in battle and then his daughter, Alys Karstark, becomes the Lady of Karhold.

The holder rules the castle Karhold and its surrounding lands, a heavily forested area overlooking the Shivering Sea. The title is traditionally held by a member of House Karstark. Karhold lies in the North, and it's holder therefore swears fealty to the Warden of the North, whoever they may be.


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Lord: Alys Karstark Heir: Unknown
Seat: Karhold Lands: The North
Title(s): Lord of Karhold
Ancestors:Brandon the Builder · Rodrik Stark · Karlon Stark · Beric Karstark · Mara Karstark · Commard Karstark · Regan Karstark · Berrican Karstark · Petyr Karstark · Laurence Karstark · Jon Karstark
Current members:Alys Karstark
Deceased members:Rickard Karstark · Torrhen Karstark · Harrion Karstark · Harald Karstark
Overlord:House Stark