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Riverrun, the seat of the Lord of Riverrun.

The Lord of Riverrun is the ruler of the stronghold of Riverrun, the capital of the Riverlands. The holder is the ruler of the entire region of the Riverlands.

Before the Targaryen conquest, the Riverlands were ruled by the ironborn. Aegon the Conqueror assault was assisted by an uprising held by House Tully. Therefore, House Tully have ruled as the Lords of Riverrun ever since the conquest.

Season 3

The title is held by Hoster Tully until his death of natural causes at the height of the War of the Five Kings. He was succeeded by his only son, Edmure Tully.[1] Lysa Arryn is currently the heir to Riverrun until an a child is born to Edmure through his arranged marriage with Roslin Frey.

Following the Red Wedding, Walder Frey imprisons Edmure, but his uncle Brynden "The Blackfish Tully escapes and heads back to Riverrun. Walder Frey gloats that Tywin Lannister intends to reward him for the betrayal by making a Frey the new Lord of Riverrun, but it is unknown if Brynden and the surviving Tully garrison at Riverrun will accept this without a fight.[2]

Lords of Riverrun


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