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Lord of the Crossing is a title in Game of Thrones. The title is held by Walder Frey in the series. The holder rules the castle complex The Twins and its surrounding lands in the Riverlands. It is traditionally held by the head of House Frey, a vassal family to House Tully of the Riverlands.

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Lord: Lord Walder Frey Heir: Ser Stevron Frey
Seat: The Twins · Riverrun Lands: Riverlands
Title(s): Lord of the Crossing · Lord of Riverrun
Ancestors:Frey (founder)
Current members:Arwaya Frey · Derwa Frey · Freya Frey · Janeya Frey · Lothar Frey · Marianne Frey · Merry Frey · Neyela Frey · Olyvar Frey · Roslin Frey · Sarra Frey · Serra Frey · Shirei Frey · Walda Frey · "Fat Walda" Frey · "Black Walder" Frey · Waldra Frey · Waldron Frey · Ser Walder Rivers
Deceased members:Joyeuse Erenford
Overlord:House Baelish
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