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The Twins, seat of the Lord of the Crossing.

Lord of the Crossing is a title held by the ruler of the castle complex The Twins and its surrounding lands in the Riverlands. It is traditionally held by the head of House Frey, a vassal family to House Tully of the Riverlands. The title stretches back several hundred years, to when the founder of House Frey began charging a toll to cross the wooden bridge over the river.

Known Lords of the Crossing

Image Shield Name Reign Titles
Frey founder House-Frey-Main-Shield Lord Frey ~ 300 BAL Lord of the Crossing
Image Shield Name Reign Titles
S06E06 - Walder Frey Cropped new House-Frey-Main-Shield Walder Frey, the Late Lord ~ 220 AL - 303 AL Lord of the Crossing

Lord Paramount of the Trident (From Red Wedding)

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Lord: Uncertain Heir: Uncertain
Seat: The Twins · Riverrun Lands: Riverlands
Title(s): Lord of the Crossing · Lord of Riverrun · Lord Paramount of the Trident
Current members:Arwaya Frey · Derwa Frey · Freya Frey · Janeya Frey · Marianne Frey · Merry Frey · Neyela Frey · Olyvar Frey · Roslin Frey · Sarra Frey · Serra Frey · Shirei Frey · Walda Frey · Waldra Frey · Waldron Frey · Ryger Rivers
Deceased members:Joyeuse Erenford · Lothar Frey · Walda Frey · Walder Frey· Walder Rivers
Household:Malcolm · Talbot
Overlord:House Lannister

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