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The citadel location

The Hightower, seat of the Lord of the Hightower.

Lord of the Hightower is a title held by the ruler of the lighthouse known as the The Hightower and its surrounding lands in Oldtown, the Reach. The title is traditionally held by a member of House Hightower, vassals of House Tyrell.

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Lord: Uncertain Heir: Uncertain
Seat: The Hightower, Oldtown Lands: The Reach
Title(s): Lord of the Hightower · Voice of Oldtown
Ancestors:Urrigon Hightower · Peremore Hightower · Lymond Hightower · Dorian Hightower · Runcel Hightower · Manfred Hightower
Current members:Alerie Hightower · Lynesse Hightower
Deceased members:Otto Hightower · Alicent Hightower · Gerold Hightower
Overlord:House Tyrell