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Pyke, the seat of the Lord of the Iron Islands.

The Lord of the Iron Islands is the ruler of the stronghold of Pyke, the capital of the Iron Islands. The holder is the ruler over all of the islands.

Before the Targaryen Conquest, the Iron Islands were originally a sovereign nation. The ironborn also controlled the Riverlands, which they had conquered in turn from the Stormlands. The title was first created after the ironborn became vassals of House Targaryen. House Greyjoy have been the Lords of the Iron Islands for hundreds of years.

Season 2Edit

After naming himself King of the Iron Islands, King Balon Greyjoy invaded the North by sending his daughter Yara to seize Deepwood Motte, his brother Victarion to seize Moat Cailin and his only living son Theon to raide the Stony Shore.[1] Despite Theon being King Balon's only son, Balon has named his daughter Yara as his heir.[2]

Known Lords of the Iron IslandsEdit

In the booksEdit

The Iron Islands is one of the two constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms, alongside Dorne, whose rulers aren't "Lords Paramount". While the rulers of Dorne hold the title of "Prince", the rulers of the Iron Islands are merely lords.


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