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Lord of the Iron Islands

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Lord of the Iron Islands is a title in Game of Thrones. The holder is the ruler of The Iron Islands from Pyke as a region of the Seven Kingdoms on behalf of the King of the Andals and the First Men.

The title was first created after the ironborn became vassals of House Targaryen.

Known Lords of the Iron Islands

In the books

The Iron Islands is one of the two constituent regions of the Seven Kingdoms, alongside Dorne, whose rulers aren't "Lords Paramount". While the rulers of Dorne hold the title of "Prince", the rulers of the Iron Islands are merely Lords.

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Lord: Heir: Princess Yara Greyjoy/Prince Theon Greyjoy (disputed)
Seat: Pyke, Pyke Lands: The Iron Islands
Title(s): King of the Iron Islands · Lord Reaper of Pyke · King of Salt and Rock · Son of the Sea Wind · Lord of the Iron Islands
Ancestors:The Grey King · Vickon Greyjoy
Current members:Aeron Greyjoy · Queen Alannys Greyjoy · Euron Greyjoy · Victarion Greyjoy
Deceased members:Balon Greyjoy · Rodrik Greyjoy · Maron Greyjoy
Household:{Dagmer} · {Lorren} · {Drennan} · {Gelmarr} · {Stygg} · {Aggar} · {Wex} · {Urzen}

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