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A manticore

Manticores are venomous and highly aggressive insects from the continent of Essos. They are recognizable because the plates of their bodies, particularly the final plate of their tails, are marked with features resembling a human face.


Season 3

An envoy of the Warlocks of Qarth attempts to assassinate Daenerys Targaryen using a manticore hidden inside a hollow wooden sphere. Before the creature can harm Daenerys with its lethal sting, Ser Barristan Selmy impales it with a dagger, killing it.

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In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, manticores are venomous insects from Essos, said to live on the islands of the Jade Sea. They have a poisonous sting that is fatal to humans and kills the instant it reaches the heart unless a clotting agent is used to thicken it and delay its fatal effects. Manticore venom is a highly sought after poison by alchemists and Maesters.

The legendary manticore is a chimeric creature with a human head, a lion's body, and a scorpion's tail. Dragonstone is adorned with gargoyles in the shape of manticores. A manticore is also the sigil of House Lorch.

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