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"No. Not here. Not in my hearing. You will not name him brother, this son of the man who put your true brothers to the sword."
―Balon to Theon Greyjoy[src]

Maron Greyjoy is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. He is deceased when the events of the series begin and is not expected to appear in the series. Maron is the son of Balon Greyjoy, the Lord Reaper of Pyke. He was killed fighting for his father in the Greyjoy Rebellion.



Maron Greyjoy deayth

Maron is crushed beneath a falling tower.

Maron was the second son of Balon Greyjoy and Alannys Harlaw. Balon is the head of House Greyjoy and the Lord Reaper of Pyke. Maron has two brothers, Rodrik and Theon who are respectively the oldest and the youngest, and a sister, Yara, who was born after Maron but before Theon. Maron became his father's heir after Rodrik died in battle but he too was later killed by a collapsing tower during the Siege of Pyke.[1]

Season 1Edit

Tyrion wonders what Balon would make of Theon's loyalty to House Stark given that he is Balon's only surviving son.[2]

Family treeEdit

Balon Tree
Balon Greyjoy
Alannys Greyjoy
née Harlaw
Euron Greyjoy Promo
Euron Greyjoy
Victarion Greyjoy
Aeron Tree
Aeron Greyjoy
Rodrik tree
Rodrik Greyjoy
Maron Greyjoy
Yara Greyjoy
Theon Tree
Theon Greyjoy

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Maron was killed defending the South tower on Pyke during the Greyjoy Rebellion. He was crushed to death when the tower collapsed.

In "A Clash of Kings" and "A Dance with Dragons" it is revealed that Maron and Rodrik used to bully Theon. Even after so many years, Theon still remembers the beating and cruel japes he suffered from them.

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