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Willem Lannister: "Is this a rescue?"
Rickard Karstark: "Lannister filth!"
Martyn Lannister: "Please, I didn't do anything! I'm just a squire!"
— Martyn Lannister begs for his life as Lord Rickard Karstark runs him through with a sword.[src]

Martyn Lannister is a character in the third season. Along with his brother Willem, he is a squire in the Lannister army. Both are younger sons of Kevan Lannister, and younger brothers of Ser Lancel Lannister.


Season 3Edit

Martyn, along with his brother Willem, is captured by the forces of House Tully led by Edmure Tully following the Battle of Stone Mill. He is taken hostage and placed in a cell at Riverrun, the seat of the Tullys.

After Robb Stark visits Riverrun to attend the funerals of Lord Hoster Tully, Martyn and Willem are visited in their cell by Queen Talisa Stark, who tends to Martyn's wounded hand while Willem looks in silence. Martyn asks if its true that Robb can turn into a wolf at night and devours the flesh of his enemies.[1]

Martyn and Willem are murdered inside their cells by Lord Rickard Karstark as vengeance for Jaime Lannister's killing of his son, Torrhen Karstark. Their bodies are presented to Robb, and as Rickard defends his actions as them being kin to Jaime, Robb furiously condemns this as saying they were innocent boys.[2]

Family treeEdit

Tytos tree
Tytos Lannister
Jeyne Lannister
née Marbrand Marbrand shield icon
Tywin tree
Tywin Lannister
Joanna Lannister
Kevan tree
Kevan Lannister
Dorna Lannister
née Swyft Swyft shield icon
Robert tree
Robert Baratheon Baratheon shield icon
Cersei tree
Cersei Lannister
100px-Jaime tree
Jaime LannisterKingsguard-Main-Shield
Unknown tree
100px-Tyrion tree
Tyrion Lannister
100px-Sansa tree
Sansa Stark House-Stark-Main-Shield
Lancel tree
Lancel Lannister Sparrow shield icon
Martyn Lannister tree
Martyn Lannister
Willem Lannister tree
Willem Lannister
KL baratheon sigil
Unnamed son House-Baratheon-of-King's Landing-Shield-Icon
Died in infancy
Joffrey tree

Joffrey Baratheon House-Baratheon-of-King's Landing-Shield-Icon

Margaery Tree
Margaery Tyrell Tyrell shield icon
Mycella Season 5 family tree pic

Myrcella Baratheon KL Baratheon shield icon

Trystane Martell family tree
Trystane Martell Martell shield icon
Tommen Baratheon family tree
Tommen Baratheon KL Baratheon shield icon
Margaery Tree
Margaery Tyrell Tyrell shield icon


Season Three appearances
Valar Dohaeris Dark Wings, Dark Words Walk of Punishment And Now His Watch is Ended Kissed by Fire
The Climb The Bear and the Maiden Fair Second Sons The Rains of Castamere Mhysa


Edmure Tully: "We took hostages. Willem Lannister, Martyn Lannister."
Robb Stark: "Willem and Martyn Lannister are fourteen years old."
Brynden Tully: "Martyn is fifteen, I believe."
— Walk of Punishment
Robb Stark: "Tywin Lannister has my sisters. Have I sued for peace?"
Edmure Tully: "No."
Robb Stark: "Do you think he'll sue for peace because we have his...father's brother's great-grandsons?"
Edmure Tully: "No."
Robb Stark dismisses Martyn and Willem's value as hostages.[src]
Robb Stark: "It took five of you to murder two unarmed squires."
Rickard Karstark: "Not murder, your grace. Vengeance."
Robb Stark: "Vengeance? They didn't kill your sons. I saw Harrion die on the battlefield and Torrhen..."
Rickard Karstark: "Was strangled by the Kingslayer. They were his kin."
Robb Stark: "They were BOYS!"
Rickard Karstark's unsuccessful justification for killing Martyn and Willem Lannister.[src]

Behind the scenes Edit

Martyn is played by Dean-Charles Chapman, who would go on to be cast as Tommen Baratheon in the fourth season of the television series.

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Martyn and Willem are the twin sons of Ser Kevan Lannister, and younger brothers of Lancel Lannister. Martyn is captured at the Battle of Oxcross. It is not Martyn but his cousin Tion Frey who is killed with Willem by Rickard Karstark. After Willem and Tion's death, Robb ordered to triple the guard on Martyn for his protection, and later exchanged him for a northman prisoner (Robett Glover). Martyn is not mentioned in the books afterwards.

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