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Roose: "I sent you there to collect taxes, not bodies."
Ramsay: "Lord Cerwyn refused to pay. He said the Warden of the North would always be a Stark, and he’d be damned if he’d kiss a traitor’s boot."
Roose and Ramsay Bolton[src]

Medger Cerwyn is a northern lord and the head of House Cerwyn. He is a loyal bannerman of House Stark.


Season 5

Roose Bolton sends his recently legitimized bastard son, Ramsay, to Cerwyn to collect taxes from his new vassals. Medger, however, refuses to pay; proudly professing his loyalty to House Stark, and denouncing Bolton as a turncloak. For his defiance, Ramsay has Medger flayed alive, along with his wife and brother, all the while forcing his son to watch the ordeal. When Ramsay relays these events to his father he casually remarks that the new Lord Cerwyn paid his taxes.[1]

Season 6

After Medger is avenged with the death of Ramsay Bolton, Lyanna Mormont scolds his son Cley for refusing to help Jon Snow after his family was flayed. A repentant Cley enthusiatically declares Jon the new King in the North along with the other Northern lords.[2]

Family tree


Lord Medger Cerwyn


Lady Cerwyn


Unknown Cerwyn

Cley Cerwyn

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Lord Medger Cerwyn was among the Northern lords that rode south with Robb Stark and participated in the War of the Five Kings. He was part of the Northern host that participated in the Battle of the Green Fork and got captured and taken to Harrenhal. Tyrion Lannister unsuccessfully offers to trade Lord Medger and Ser Donnel Locke for Tion Frey in an exchange of prisoners. Medger suffers from a serious wound taken during the Battle of the Green Fork and never leaves his bed during his stay at Harrenhal, where he is kept while waiting for a prisoner exchange. He eventually dies of his wounds. Arya Stark sees Silent Sisters take his remains, his body in a cloak of silk decorated with the battle-axe of House Cerwyn.

While Ramsay Bolton did not kill Medger in the novels, he did kill his son Cley Cerwyn, at the Sack of Winterfell. When Rodrik Cassel hastily assembled a force to besiege Theon Greyjoy in Winterfell, composed of about 2,000 men from the few household soldiers left in the North, 300 of them were Cerwyn men led by Cley. Ramsay then arrived with 600 Bolton men, whom Rodrik and his lieutenants welcomed as their allies - but as soon as they were in the camp Ramsay's men betrayed the other Northern bannermen in a surprise attack, taking them totally off-guard. When Rodrik walked up to greet Ramsay by extending his hand in friendship, Ramsay quickly drew his sword and cut off Rodrik's outstretched arm at the elbow. Cley Cerwyn was killed in the betrayal by an arrow to the eye.

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