1. This is a title blacklist; titles that match regex here are forbidden, and cannot be created.
# Options exist to stop editing, account creation, and moves as well.  See mw:Extension:Title Blacklist for documentation
# See the talk page for more information.
# This list affects only the English Wikipedia; refer also to the global blacklist at
# m:Title blacklist
# Please comment any additions made to the blacklist.
# Note: Internally, the pattern delimiter is '/', so be sure to escape all '/'s.
# UTF-8 mode is enabled. Do not use literal non-breaking spaces in regexes as some browsers cannot handle them.
.*Lady Stoneheart.*
.*Lady stoneheart.*
.*Mother Merciless.*
.*Mother merciless.*
.*The Hangwoman.*
.*The hangwoman.*
.*The Silent Sister.*
.*Young Griff.*
.*Aegon VI Targaryen.*
.*Robert Strong.*
.*Arianne Martell.*
.*Quentyn Martell.*
.*Tattered Prince.*
.*Ben Plumm.*
.*Brown Ben Plumm.*
.*Harrold Hardyng.*
.*House Lannister of King's Landing.*
.*Jon Targaryen.*
.*Jaehaerys III Targaryen.*
.*House Yeni.*