"She thinks you want to eat her baby. "
Varys to Tyrion Lannister[src]
A Meereenese homeless mother is a resident of Meereen.


Season 6

This woman and her baby are seen living on the streets of Meereen under a damaged roof supported by wooden beams. As her baby is crying, a dwarf and a bald man approach them. The dwarf offers her a coin saying "For your baby. To eat." and then repeats the last word while gesturing to his mouth. Believing the dwarf is trying to pay her to give him her baby so he can eat it the woman panics holding it close until the bald man assures her the dwarf simply does not speak Valyrian well and wants to give her the coin in order for her to buy some food for the baby. Taking the coin and handing it to her she nervously accepts it as the dwarf smiles, after thanking them she watches as the two walk away.[1]


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