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"My own mother died on the birthing bed when I was very young."
Catelyn Stark[src]

Minisa Tully, née Whent, is an unseen character in Game of Thrones. She was the mother of Catelyn Stark, Lysa Arryn and Edmure Tully.



Minisa was born into House Whent and married Hoster Tully, the head of House Tully and Lord of Riverrun. They had two daughters, Catleyn and Lysa, and a son and heir, Edmure.[1]

Season 2Edit

When Brienne of Tarth mentions she never knew her mother, Catelyn sympathizes and tells her own mother died in childbirth when Catelyn was still a young girl.[2]

Family treeEdit

Family tree Hoster
Hoster Tully
Minisa family tree
Minisa Tully
née Whent Whent shield icon
Family tree Blackfish

Brynden Tully

"The Blackfish"
Eddard tree
Eddard Stark Stark shield icon
Catelyn Tree
Catelyn Tully
Jon Arryn tree
Jon Arryn Arryn shield icon
Lysa tree
Lysa Tully
Family tree Littlefinger
Petyr Baelish Baelish shield icon
Family tree Edmure
Edmure Tully
Roslin tree
Roslin Tully
née Frey Frey shield icon
Unnamed son
Robb fam tree
Robb Stark Stark shield icon
Family tree Talisa
Talisa Stark Stark shield icon
née Maegyr
100px-Tyrion tree
Tyrion Lannister Lannister shield icon
100px-Sansa tree
Sansa Stark House-Stark-Main-Shield
Ramsay Bolton House-Bolton-Main-Shield
Arya family tree
Arya Stark Stark shield icon
Bran fam tree
Bran Stark Stark shield icon
Rickon fam tree
Rickon Stark Stark shield icon
Robin tree
Robin Arryn Arryn shield icon

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Lady Minisa Whent bore Hoster Tully two daughters (Catelyn and Lysa) and four sons, but of these only Edmure survived (Edmure was not her youngest son). Minisa died giving birth to her fourth and youngest son, who also perished, and afterwards Catelyn feels that some of the life has gone out of Lord Hoster as well. Catelyn recalls her mother was always calm as well as having a warm smile and soft hands. Catelyn wonders how their lives would have been different if her mother had not died.

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