Jeor Mormont And Now his watch is ended

Rast murders Lord Commander Jeor Mormont.

"When the Walkers come crawling Craster will serve us up like so many pigs. If we want to live, we'll have to look out for ourselves."

The Mutineers​ are a group of sworn brothers of the Night's Watch who, after surviving the Battle of the Fist of the First Men and taking shelter at Craster's Keep, break their vows and carry out a mutiny against the Lord Commander Jeor Mormont.

Following the death of both Craster and Mormont, Karl takes command of the Mutineers and they remain at the keep. However, back at Castle Black, Jon Snow proposes that they must be killed so they will not divulge any information about Castle Black to Mance Rayder. All of the mutineers are slain when a loyal group of Night's Watch men led by Jon Snow launch a raid on Craster's Keep. 

Known Mutineers

  • {Karl Tanner}, who kills Craster, committing a grave violation against the sacred guest right and the laws of hospitality. Considered the leader of the Mutineers. Killed by Jon Snow.
  • {Rast}, who murders Lord Commander Mormont. Killed by Ghost.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, the "Betrayers" - as they are called in the Appendix to A Dance with Dragons - are led by Dirk and Ollo Lophand, who kill Craster and Lord Commander Mormont, respectively. Rast isn't present because he had remained at Castle Black. Grenn and about dozen more remain loyal to Mormont, and they are outnumbered 1:2 by the Betrayers, hence the Betrayers are at least twenty. 

The Betrayers who are specifically mentioned in the books are:

  • Dirk
  • Ollo Lophand
  • Grubbs
  • Garth of Greenaway
  • Alan of Rosby
  • {Rolley of Sisterton}. Fell from the loft at Craster's Keep and broke his neck
  • Mawney
  • Clubfoot Karl
  • "Orphan" Oss
  • "Muttering" Bill

Some of these mutinous black brothers had been involved in a conspiracy to kill Lord Commander Mormont and several other members of the Night's Watch to ensure the end of the Great Ranging and facilitate their desertion. However, the sudden snowfall and the attack of the White Walkers to the encampment at the Fist of the First Men made the conspiracy pointless. A few men who had been discussing betrayal before the massacre at the Fist ultimately stay loyal during the mutiny, while some other men who weren't part of the earlier plot spontaneously join the betrayal when it breaks out.

No punitive action by the Watch is ever taken against the Betrayers. Ollo Lophand and four others are killed by a mysterious person known as "Coldhands", who accompanies Bran Stark and his escorts. Bran wargs into Summer and finds their bodies. It is unknown what has become of the remaining Betrayers.

Those who remain loyal to Mormont and the Watch are:

  • Left-Hand Lew
  • Garth Greyfeather
  • Kedge Whiteye
  • Black Bernarr
  • Tim Stone
  • Goady

All the above Loyalists, except Sam, do not engage in fight with the Betrayers but escape. They arrive at Castle Black long before Jon Snow. Sam eventually escapes with Gilly after being urged to do so by some of Craster's wives, and they arrive to Castle Black much later.

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