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Mercantile city-state
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"The other Free Cities are known for what they make: Myr, its lenses and finery..."
―Ser Jorah Mormont[src]
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A map showing the location of Myr on the continent of Essos.


Thoros, a Red Priest from Myr

Myr is one of the Free Cities located to the east of Westeros, on the coast of Essos. Myr is a major seaport located on a large body of water known as the Sea of Myrth, an inlet of the Narrow Sea. It is located south of Pentos and north of the Disputed Lands.

People of Myr are known as Myrish. Myrish craftsmen are renowned throughout the known world.[1] Myrish lace is a particularly highly sought after commodity.[2]

Notable MyrishEdit

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Myr has a reputation for great craftsmanship: it is famed for its expertise in creating mirrors and lenses, and intricate Myrish lace is a much sought-after textile product. It has a strong military, with its crossbowmen being particularly famed. Myr has been locked in a bitter rivalry with the Free City of Lys for centuries.

Myr is ruled by Magisters and has its own language derived from High Valyrian. Its people are noted for being dark-haired and dark-eyed, with olive-colored skin, and are considered exotic-looking by Westerosi standards.

Like most of the other Free Cities, Myr was once a colony of Valyria. After the Doom, it became independent but was conquered a few years later by Volantis, which was trying to rebuild the fallen empire. When Volantis overreached and attacked Tyrosh as well, it was beaten back and defeated by a coalition including the Westerosi Storm King, troops from Pentos and Braavos and massive uprisings in Myr and Lys. Volantis's military power was broken and Myr again became an independent city-state.

The alliances soon fell apart, however, so that Myr and Lys have been perpetually warring with each other for the better part of the past three hundred years. The "Disputed Lands", between Myr to the north and Lys to the south, are so-called because they are constantly changing hands back and forth between the two cities according to the changing fortunes of their conflicts. Tyrosh and Volantis have been drawn into this feud from time to time, allying with either Myr or Lys as the alliances shift.

According to the Game of Thrones RPG, Myr is pronounced "Mire", and uses the adjective "Mire-ish". However, in Season 3 Thoros (of Myr) pronounces it as "Meer" (rhymes with "deer").[3].

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