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"It’s better to try and play it as sincerely and straight as possible, even if it contradicts something that you did in the previous day’s shooting or even earlier in the scene. If you play her so that she really means what she’s saying at any given time, it seems that that’s when the text comes most alive with ambiguity, and the characterization kind of weaves itself."
Natalie Dormer on playing Margaery Tyrell[1]

Natalie Dormer (born 11 February 1982) is an English actress, best known for her role as Anne Boleyn in the first two seasons of The Tudors.

In Game of Thrones Dormer is playing the role of Margaery Tyrell, starting in the second season. She was announced in the role on 23 June 2011 and was the first actor to be announced for the second season of the series. She has signed a contract for season three and four of the series, should they be commissioned. She enjoyed working on the show and found the large ensemble to be very well supported.[2] She is a new starring cast member for the second season.

When asked if she thought Margaery was being insincere when she gave out food aid to the orphans and smallfolk of King's Landing in Season 3, Dormer said it was a mix of political pragmatism as well as legitimate concern for her subjects: "It doesn't mean she's insincere. People can be quite cruel, I find, about Margaery: 'Oh, she's another malicious, calculating character who's after the Throne.' But I don't think in regards with her attitude to the public and her attitude to Sansa – she's not disingenuous. I don't see the two as mutually exclusive, as modern politicians themselves would say. I think she has a heart. I think she can be very sincere. I just think she's a pragmatist. She's been brought up by the Queen of Thorns, Lady Olenna, being played by Diana Rigg [stay tuned!], to be a shrewd politician – to be the ideal First Lady, as it were.[3]



Season two credits
The North Remembers The Night Lands What is Dead May Never Die Garden of Bones The Ghost of Harrenhal
The Old Gods and the New A Man Without Honor The Prince of Winterfell Blackwater Valar Morghulis
Season three credits
Valar Dohaeris Dark Wings, Dark Words Walk of Punishment And Now His Watch is Ended Kissed by Fire
The Climb The Bear and the Maiden Fair Second Sons The Rains of Castamere Mhysa

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