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Night's Watch archer
Archer 4x09
Season(s) 4
Appeared in "The Watchers on the Wall"
Status Uncertain
Allegiance Night's Watch
Portrayed by Neil Marshall

The Night's Watch archer is a minor character in the fourth season. He is a member of the Night's Watch and appears in the episode "The Watchers on the Wall". He is played by Neil Marshall, the director of this episode. 


Season 4Edit

He along with his brothers participated in the defense of the Wall from the attacks of the wilding army and attacked them with flaming arrows on the orders of Jon Snow.[1]


Season Four appearances
Two Swords The Lion and the Rose Breaker of Chains Oathkeeper First of His Name
The Laws of Gods and Men Mockingbird The Mountain and the Viper The Watchers on the Wall The Children

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