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Norvos Pin

A map showing the location of Norvos on the continent of Essos.

Norvos is one of the Free Cities, located to the east of Westeros. It lies in the interior of Essos, between Pentos and Qohor, on the Noyne, a tributary of the massive River Rhoyne. It is on the route leading from the Narrow Sea to the Dothraki sea, and as such pays tribute to passing Dothraki khalasars.[1]

People of Norvos are known as Norvoshi.

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Norvos is described as a city in two parts. The low city sprawls along the river with numerous docks and wharves, whilst the high city extends along the hilltops. Both are walled and fortified. The city as a whole is a theocracy ruled by the Bearded Priests. However, the nature of their religion is unknown.

The city is mercantile, and its wealth is based upon lying the trade route from Pentos to Qohor and the Dothraki sea, as well as minerals mined from the Hills of Norvos, which stretch from the city to the Shivering Sea. The city is famous for the axes it produces, as well as for its high-quality textiles. Myr is also famous for its textiles and produces fine lace and carpets, but Norvos is world-renowned for its fine tapestries.

Bears are used as entertainment in the city, and are known to dance up and down the Sinner's Steps. The city has three bells which ring out at different times of the day and have their own names, Noom, Narrah and Nyel.

Soldiers and warriors are trained in the city, recruited by the Bearded Priests when they are just boys. Some Norvosi prefer the use of axes in battle to the more traditional swords.

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