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Obara Sand
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{Oberyn Martell} - father
Nymeria Sand - half-sister
Tyene Sand - half-sister
Sarella Sand - half-sister
Elia Sand - half-sister
Obella Sand - half-sister
Dorea Sand - half-sister
Loreza Sand - half-sister
Doran Martell - uncle
Trystane Martell - first cousin
{Elia Martell} - aunt
{Rhaegar Targaryen} - uncle by marriage
{Rhaenys Targaryen} - first cousin
{Aegon Targaryen} - first cousin
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Obara Sand is a character set to appear in the fifth season[1], who had already been alluded to in the fourth season. She will be played by Keisha Castle-Hughes.



Obara Sand is the eldest of the eight bastard daughters of Prince Oberyn Martell, her mother being a peasant. She is very skilled with a spear, similar to her father. 

Season 4Edit

Oberyn mentions his eight bastard daughters to Queen Cersei Lannister while the two discuss Cersei's own illegitmate daughter Myrcella Baratheon, who has been sent to Dorne.[2]

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Family TreeEdit

Doran Martell family tree
Doran Martell
Mellario of Norvos
Elia Martell
Rhaegar Targaryen Targaryen-small
Oberyn Martell
Ellaria Sand
Trystane Martell
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Rhaenys tree
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Aegon Targaryen Targaryen-small
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Sand Snakes Martell bastard
8 bastard daughters

In the booksEdit

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Obara is Oberyn's daughter whom he fathered on a whore in Oldtown. She is the least pretty and the most aggressive of all the Sand Snakes.

When her father came to claim her, her mother did not want him to take her. He threw a spear down at her mother's feet and slapped her mother. Then Oberyn asked Obara which weapon, the spear or the tears, she would choose. Obara chose the spear. Her mother drank herself to death within a year.

She is prickly, hot-tempered woman who is given to martial pursuits as she considers herself a warrior, wielding a spear, a whip, and a round shield of steel and copper. She is hard, quick, hot-tempered, and strong. She is fond of wine and is a confident rider who uses spurs, often to the point where the animal is bloody, and always rides stallions. Obara is a big-boned woman near to thirty, long-legged, with close-set eyes and rat-brown hair.

Obara in the books is the daughter of a whore from Oldtown in the Reach, but the casting announcement stated that TV-Obara is the daughter of a "Dornish peasant girl" that caught Oberyn's eye. The difference is not particularly drastic, but it might alter Obara's complex relationship with Oberyn - though the general point stands that Obara's mother wasn't of noble birth, unlike the mothers of some of the other Sand Snakes such as Nymeria Sand.

Either way, Obara in the books generally resembles other "salty Dornishmen". Keisha Castle Hughes is herself half-Maori.

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