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Octavia Alexandru
Octavia Alexandru
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​Octavia Alexandru (born 2002) is a model, actress and dancer. She will portray a role in the fourth season. In accordance with the wiki's spoiler policy, this role cannot be confirmed until the episode airs.

She has experience in various forms of dance in 2009 she is The Winner of Great Britain Dance Festival and The Pointe Shoes Special Prize then in 2011 she reached the semi-finals of  ​Got To Dance ​being described as a 'child prodigy - her moves appear to be years beyond her.' Octavia has also appeared in numerous tv commercials, music videos and films  -  '​My Mother, My Bride and I​ (2007); Inspire me (2009); Red Wagon (2010)Ward 3 (2010); Dora (2010); The Swan Lake (2011); The House (2012) ​and the upcoming Salt (2013).

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