This page gives an overview of all the categories used in this wiki and of their respective relations. If you're adding pages or images to the wiki, you often need to assign them a category, and it would be really nice if you take this overview into account :)

There's also a page that simply lists all the categories used in this wiki: list of all categories. And if you want to check how a specific category is used, you can use the category tree. When you enter a category in the search field on that page, you'll see all its parents and all its children.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask! Suggestions for improvement are very, very welcome, too :-)

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Using categories

Why use them?

Categories are used to group pages with similar content, thereby making it easier to connect the information gathered in the wiki. For instance: at the bottom of the page Winterfell, you'll see a link that says Category: Castles. If you click on that, you'll get a list of all the castles in the wiki. At the bottom of that page, there's yet another category link: the Castles turns out to be part of a bigger group, the Category: Geography. If you click on that, you'll see that Geography is subdivided into many categories, such as cities and Category: Islands. Neat, huh?

That's why each page and each image should be labelled with at least one subcategory or one overall category.

There are three groups of categories:

  • Production categories (actors, crew, promotional videos etc.);
  • Story categories (characters, geography, culture, history etc.);
  • Wiki categories (site maintenance, help pages, blog postings, stub articles etc.).

When to add them?

Every new page should have at least one category attached.

Don't worry, much of the work is done for you! Many of the templates used in the wiki automatically tag a page with the appropriate category. For instance: the cast template automatically adds Category: Actor to a page, and any new actor page automatically becomes part of its overall Category: Crew. The only thing left for you to do, is to manually add a fitting subcategory, e.g. is this actor's Status: Active, Status: Not hired, or Status: Role ended?

As a rule of thumb, you only need to add the lowest subcategory to a new page and the rest of the category tree gets added by itself. That's why we made this page: here you can see how categories are grouped and which parents they have. And if you're still not sure in which categories a page should be grouped, take a look at pages about a similar subject.

How do I add them?

To label a page or image, you go to the bottom of the page and click on the box Add category. Start typing, and the available categories will pop up. Select one of them, hit 'enter'; then select 'Save'. Done!

To make a subcategory part of an overall category: go to the subcategory page - for instance, you want to make Category: Books part of the overall Category:Culture & Society- and click on the box 'Add category' at the bottom. Start typing, select the appropriate overall group, hit 'enter' and say 'Save'.

Be careful when removing labels: they've been put there for a reason. But perhaps you made an error when you added a subcategory? To remove a category label, click the 'Edit' icon at the top of a page. At the bottom of your editing screen you'll see boxes with a page's category labels. Click on the little cross of the category that you wish to remove and select 'Publish'. Done!



Subcategories of Production: Used for:
Cast All cast members.
Crew All crew members: directors, production staff etc.
Publicity All publicity images: posters, covers, trailers, videos etc.
Seasons Overview per season, including a list of its episodes
                                                        +-- Active
             +-- Cast ---------+-- Actor ---------------+-- Not hired
             |                                          +-- Role ended
             |                                          +-- Starring cast
             |                 +-- Director 
             |                 +-- Editors   
             +-- Crew ---------+-- Production staff                   
             |                 +-- Writer
Production --+
             |                 +-- Image (Promotional)
             +-- Publicity ----+-- Videos
             |                 +-- Season 1 --------------- Episodes
             +-- Seasons ------+-- Season 2 --------------- Episodes
                               +-- Season 3 --------------- Episodes


Subcategories of Cast: Used for:
Actor All actors - past and present - listed for the series


Subcategories of Actor: Used for:
Status: Active All actors currently listed in the series
Status: Not hired Actors who were listed, but didn't play in the series
Status: Role ended Actors whose role has ended (usually: their character has died)
Starring Cast Actors credited in the opening titles


Subcategories of Crew: Used for:
Director All directors for (episodes of) the series
Editors All editors for (episodes of) the series
Production staff All production staff for the series
Writer All writers of (episodes of) the series


Subcategories of Publicity: Used for:
Image (Promotional) All publicity images: posters, covers, trailers, videos etc.
Videos Trailers and brief videos of the various episodes.


Subcategories of Season: Used for:
Season 1 All episodes of Season 1 (first broadcasted in 2011).
Season 2 All episodes of Season 2 (first broadcasted in 2012).
Season 3 All episodes of Season 3 (first broadcasted in 2013)



Subcategories of Story: Used for:
Characters All people, past and present, who play a part
Culture & Society Cultural aspects and artifacts
Geography The lay of the lands
History All things past
Living Beings All peoples, tribes, animals and creatures
Noble houses All noble houses
Substances All substances
                                  +-- Status: Alive
                                  +-- Status: Dead
                                  +-- Status: Uncertain
             +-- Characters-------+-- Major Characters
             |                    +-- Recurring Characters
             |                    +-- Minor Characters
             |                    +-- Mentioned Characters
             |                    +-- Performer Unidentified
             |                                             +-- Hand of the King
             |                    +-- Books                +-- Kingsguard
             |                    |                        +-- Night's Watch
             |                    +-- Organizations -------+-- Small council
             |                    |
             |                    |                        +-- Faith of the Seven
             |                    +-- Languages            +-- Magic
             |                    |                        +-- Old Gods of the Forest
             |                    |                        +-- Prophecies
             |                    +-- Religion ------------+-- R'hllor
             |                    |
             |                    |                        +-- Bastards
             +-- Culture & Soiety +-- Social groups -------+-- Prostitutes
             |                    |                        +-- Smallfolk
             |                    |
             |                    |                        +-- Kings
             |                    |                        +-- Knights
             |                    |                        +-- Ladies
             |                    +-- Titles --------------+-- Lords
             |                    |                        +-- Maesters
             |                    |                        +-- Queens
             |                    |                        +-- Septas
             |                    |                        +-- Squires
             |                    |
             |                    +-- Weapons -------------+-- Swords
             |                    +-- Castles
             |                    +-- Cities
             |                    +-- Islands
Story -------+-- Geography -------+-- Locations
             |                    +-- Regions
             |                    +-- Rivers
             |                    +-- Seas
             +-- History ---------+-- Battles
             |                    +-- Wars
             |                                             +-- Direwolves
             |                    +-- Animals -------------+-- Dragons
             |                    |
             |                    +-- Legendary & Magical Creatures
             +-- Living Beings ---+-- Non-Human Races
             |                    +-- Peoples--------------+-- Dothraki
             |                    +-- Plants               +-- Free Folk
             |                                             +-- Hill tribes
             |                                             +-- Ironborn
             |                                             +-- Qartheen
             |                                             +-- House Arryn
             |                                             +-- House Baratheon
             |                    +-- Great houses --------+-- [Other great houses]
             +-- Noble houses ----+-- Vassal houses
             |                    +-- [All houses with a category page]
             +-- Substances

Culture & Society

Subcategories of Culture & Society: Used for:
Books All books that play a part in the story
Organizations Institutes and (more or less formal) organizations
Languages All languages spoken
Religion All matters pertaining to religion and beliefs
Social groups Social groups and professions
Titles Titles and ranks
Weapons The various weapons used


Subcategories of Organizations: Used for:
Hand of the King Current and former Hand of the King
Kingsguard Members of the Kingsguard
Night's Watch Members of the Night's Watch
Small council Members of the Small council


Subcategories of Religion: Used for:
Faith of the Seven Everything related to The Faith of the Seven
Magic Everything related to magic
Old Gods of the Forest Everything related to the Old Gods of the Forest
Prophecies Everything related to prophecies

Social groups

Subcategories of Social groups: Used for:
Bastards All known bastards
Prostitutes All known prostitutes
Smallfolk All known smallfolk
Note: One can belong to two groups, e.g. smallfolk and prostitutes.


Subcategories of Titles: Used for:
Kings All kings: past and present, actual or disputed
Knights All known knights
Ladies All known ladies
Lords All known lords
Maesters All known maesters
Queens All queens, past and present
Squires All known squires
Septas All known Septas


Subcategories of Weapons: Used for:
Swords All known swords


Subcategories of Geography: Used for:
Castles All castles and strongholds
Cities All cities and Free Cities
Islands All islands and island groups
Locations Locations (e.g. The Wall, Crossroads Inn)
Regions All regions and areas
Rivers All rivers
Seas All seas


Subcategories of History: Used for:
Battles Historical battles
Wars Historical wars

Living Beings

Subcategories of Inhabitants: Used for:
Animals All known animals
Legendary and Magical Creatures All known creatures created by magic
Non-Human Races All known non-human races
Peoples All known peoples
Plants All known plants


Subcategories of Animals: Used for:
Direwolves All known direwolves
Dragons All known dragons


Subcategories of Peoples: Used for:
Dothraki Everything relating to the Dothraki
Free Folk Everything relating to the free folk
Hill tribes Everything related to the Hill tribes
Ironborn Everything related to the ironborn
Qartheen Everything relating to the Qartheen

Noble houses

Subcategories of Noble houses: Used for:
Great houses The nine great houses
Vassal houses The minor houses, who are sworn to a Great house
Various houses All houses who have their own subcategory

Note: Any noble house is either a Great House or a Vassal house (minor house).
Also, vassal houses get labeled with the Great house that they are sworn to.


Image Galleries

Subcategories: used for:
Image (Actor) Pictures of actors
Image (Character) Pictures of characters
Image (Crew) Pictures of TV crew
Image (Director) Pictures of series directors
Image (Game of Thrones wiki) Pictures used for the wiki itself (organizational,
examples, instructions, template images etc.)
Image (Location) Pictures of cities, castles etc.
Image (Object) Pictures of swords, books, etc.
Image (Promotional) Pictures regarding the series or the books
Image (Season 1) Pictures from Season 1
Image (Season 2) Pictures from Season 2
Image (Sigil) Pictures of sigils
Image (Battle) Pictures of battles
Image (Creature) Pictures of creatures
Image (Blog) Images used solely in blog posts
Image (Template) Images used in templates
Image (User) Images used on user pages
  • Please note: do not use the category 'Image' for a page or image; it is an overall category. Be more specific!

Site maintenance

Subcategories: Used for:
Articles in need of cleanup Articles that should be cleaned / reorganized
Candidates for deletion Articles that can be deleted
Candidates for speedy deletion Articles that should be deleted asap
Disambiguations Pages to differentiate between similar pages
Stub articles Articles that need to be expanded
Image needed Articles that lack images