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"After the tradition of her people, House Martell then ruled Dorne as princes, not kings."
Oberyn Martell[src]

Prince of Dorne (feminine equivalent being Princess of Dorne) is a de facto defunct title in the Seven Kingdoms for the ruler of the administrative region of Dorne under the authority of the King of the Andals, the Rhoynar, and the First Men. It was previously a title used for the ruler of the Principality of Dorne.


While the title "Prince" in other parts of the Seven Kingdoms is typically used to indicate the heir to the throne, Dorne has Ruling Princes (or Ruling Princesses). This is a holdover from centuries ago when the Rhoynar ruled city-states along the Rhoyne River in Essos. Dorne had a Ruling Prince when it was an independent kingdom, and only unified with the Targaryen realm one century ago - not through conquest but through marriage-alliance. As a result of this voluntary union, the Iron Throne allowed the Martell rulers of Dorne to continue to style themselves as "Princes" even though they are no longer the absolute sovereign.

When Dorne finally joined with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms through a marriage alliance, the Iron Throne allowed the Martells to retain the title along with their laws. As with most Dornish titles, succession to the title is granted to the eldest surviving heir regardless of gender.

After Dorne unified with the rest of the Seven Kingdoms, there is apparently no functional difference between a "Prince of Dorne" and a "Lord Paramount" that rules another region, but the title "Prince" is still considered to be more prestigious.

The offspring and siblings of the Prince of Dorne also hold the title of Prince or Princess.

There is apparently no distinction between the "Prince of Dorne" - the head of House Martell who rules Dorne - and other "Princes of Dorne" who are younger brothers of the current ruler, such as between Doran Martell and his younger brother Oberyn. Game of Thrones Wiki has been conjecturally using the title "Ruling Prince" of Dorne to refer to actual rulers such as Doran, but it isn't clear if this is a term they would actually use. Theoretically, every male member of House Martell for the past one thousand years has been called a "Prince", and every female member has been called a "Princess". This, of course, only applies to legitimate members of the family who bore the name "Martell" - acknowledged bastards do not get called a "Prince" or "Princess". As a result Oberyn Martell's eight bastard daughters, known as the "Sand Snakes", do not carry the title "Princess".

Known Ruling Princes and Princesses of Dorne

Image Shield Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
Mors Martell House-Martell-Main-Shield Mors Martell ? - ~700 BAL

Probably firstborn of his predecessor (as King of Sunspear)

First with Title (as Prince of Dorne)

Nymeria of the Rhoynar

at least 1 daughter

Nymeria warrior queen House-Martell-Main-Shield Nymeria Martell ~700 BAL - ~670 BAL Wife of Mors Martell (1) Mors Martell

at least 1 daughter

(2) Uller of Hellholt

(3) Davos Dayne

At least 1 son

Nymeria's firts Daughter House-Martell-Main-Shield Daughter of Mors and Nymeria ~670 BAL - ? First child of Nymeria Unknown
Image Shield Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
Princess Meria Martell House-Martell-Main-Shield Meria Martell ? - ~13 AL Unknown Unknown
Image Shield Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
House-Martell-Main-Shield Maron's father ? - 157 AL

161 AL - ?

Unknown Unknown Wife

at least 1 son and 1 daugther

Maron Martell House-Martell-Main-Shield Maron Martell ? - 197 AL (as sovereign)

197 AL - ?(as vassal of the Iron Throne)

Firstborn of his predecessor Daenerys of Sunspear
Image Shield Name Reign Relationship with Predecessor(s) Marriage(s)
House-Martell-Main-Shield Doran's mother ? - ~279 AL Unknown Unknown husband

2 sons and 1 daughter

Doran Martell The Red Woman House-Martell-Main-Shield Doran Martell ~279 AL - 303 AL Firstborn of his predecessor Mellario of Norvos

1 son

Ellaria-S5 Ellaria Sand 303 AL - present (de facto) Paramour of Doran's brother (Usurper) Oberyn Martell (paramour)

4 daughters


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Ancestors:Princess Nymeria · Prince Mors Martell · Daughter of Mors · Meria Martell · Prince Maron Martell · Princess Daenerys Martell · Queen Myriah Martell
Current members:Ellaria Sand · Obara Sand · Nymeria Sand · Tyene Sand · Sarella Sand · Elia Sand · Obella Sand · Dorea Sand · Loreza Sand
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