"I have a son. A little baby boy. I think of the smell of his skin. His tufts of brown hair. There is nothing I wouldn't do...nothing...just to hold him again. Dignity is worthless compared to that."

A prisoner is a resident of King's Landing.



She lives in King's Landing with her infant son.

"The Ice Dragon"

She is arrested for unknown reasons and locked up in the Black Cells beneath the Red Keep. She attempts to get the attention of the Lannister guard on duty, but he warns her to shut up. Mira Forrester is placed in the cell opposite hers for the murder of Ser Damien. She converses with Mira and tells her about her son, stating that she would do anything to hold him again, even at the cost of her own dignity. Mira attempts to comfort her before Lord Rickard Morgryn arrives with two guards, who take her away. She is then taken to the chopping block and beheaded.[1]


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