"Qhored Hoare, whose word was law whenever men could smell the salt air or hear the crash of waves."
Euron Greyjoy[src]

King Qhored I Hoare was a King of the Iron Islands.


Qhored was a ruthless ruler and his law was dominant at sea. He sacked Oldtown and defeated the River King, Bernarr II Justman. He then took his three youngest sons as hostages. When their Bernarr's tribute was late, Qhored killed all three sons by ripping their hearts out with his own hands. Bernarr then attacked, but Qhored was successful once again. Qhored then drowned Bernarr in service to the Drowned God.[1]

In the books

During the reign of King Qhored, the ironborn could rightfully claim that his writ ran "wherever men can smell salt water or hear the crash of waves." The ironborn were at their peak of expansion, ruling territory along the Sunset Sea from the Arbor to Bear Island. Many men abandoned the shores for fear of Qhored's reavers, while those who remained were forced to pay tribute. The Kingdom of the Reach called him Qhored the Cruel. King Qhored died at the age of 90, having ruled for 75 years. Qhored's conquests were gradually lost by his successors and descendants, however.

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