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Raymun Redbeard is an unseen character in Game of Thrones, appearing only in "Histories & Lore: The Night's Watch" featurette. He was a King-Beyond-the-Wall of the Free Folk.

Raymun Redbeard led an invasion of the North but was defeated by the combined efforts of House Stark and the Night's Watch.[1]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Raymun Redbeard was King-Beyond-the-Wall in the time of Lord William Stark, the grandfather of Lord Rickard Stark. Having seen the decline of the Night's Watch under the leadership of Lord Commander Jack Musgood, Raymun and his raiders crossed over the Wall and invaded the North. Eventually, the invading force engaged in battle against the Northerners led by William Stark and Lord Harmond of House Umber, "the Drunken Giant". Lord William was slain and his younger brother, Artos Stark, "the Implacable", slew Raymun. Raymun's younger brother fled back beyond the Wall and became known as "the Red Raven", for having fled from battle. The Night's Watch arrived too late to fight so Artos, grieving overt the headless corpse of his brother, assigned them the task of burying the dead. Lord Commander Musgood was forever after known as "Sleepy Jack".

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