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Red Keep

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Red Keep

The north side of The Red Keep, as seen from Blackwater Bay.

Tyrion and Varys

The south side of the Red Keep, seen from the sea wall in Blackwater Bay.

Red keep

The south side of the Red Keep seen from the tourney ground outside the city.

Stark party 1x03

Main gate of the Red Keep in King's Landing.

The Red Keep is the residence of the King of the Andals and the First Men, his family and his court, located within King's Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms. It dominates the skyline of the city, and serves as the city's primary fortress and redoubt.

Located in the southeastern corner of King's Landing, the Red Keep overlooks Blackwater Bay and the Narrow Sea. It is currently the seat of King Joffrey Baratheon, the demise of Robert Baratheon's demise.

Specific Locations

The Great Hall

The Great Hall is the massive throne room of the Red Keep and where the Iron Throne stands. The King or his Hand, in case of the latter's absence, holds court and receives petitioners within the Great Hall. It is also employed for official ceremonies.

The Tower of the Hand

The Tower of the Hand is the location of the quarters and offices of the Hand of the King. The Hand's family and household also dwells in the Tower of the Hand.

Maegor's Holdfast

Maegor's Holdfast is a stout tower in the center of the Red Keep. It was built by King Maegor Targaryen. It serves as a redoubt when the city is attacked.

Notable residents of the Keep

Behind the scenes

Production Designer Gemma Jackson said that the look of the floor in the Red Keep is based on the Pantheon in Rome.[1]

In the books

King's Landing

The Red Keep overlooking the city of King's Landing.

In the Song of Ice and Fire novels, the Red Keep is a major castle complex located at the south-eastern corner of the city of King's Landing, directly overlooking the Blackwater Rush and Blackwater Bay. It is built atop Aegon's High Hill, the tallest hill of the city, and affords a panoramic view of the rest of the city. It consists of a number of interconnected buildings, such as the main keep, a secondary castle called Maegor's Holdfast and the Tower of the Hand, the seat of the Hand of the King. White Sword Tower is the base of operations for the Kingsguard. The Red Keep is so-named due to the redstone bricks used to build it.

The Red Keep was built approximately three centuries prior to the events of the series and replaced an earlier wooden fort, built by King Aegon I Targaryen where he first set foot on the continent and used as his base of operations in his conquest of Westeros. The construction of the Keep was an immense undertaking, spanning the reign of the first few Targaryen kings, although modifications and additions to the castle have been made ever since.

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