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Regent is the title held by a noble who rules in name of a King or Lord because the ruler is a child or incapacitated. A regent's rule ends when a child heir reaches their sixteenth nameday, as sixteen years old is considered the legal age of adulthood in the Seven Kingdoms.

If the Regent rules in the name of the King of the Andals and the First Men, he or she may also hold the title of Protector of the Realm. A royal Regent also holds a seat in the small council, taking the place of the young monarch.

If a king dies and his own queen acts as Regent for their children, she is known as a "Queen Regent". Regents for regular lordships may be referred to as "Lord Protector", or are simply referred to as "Lord Regent", or (if female) "Lady Regent". As by definition the King's death is required for a regency, the title "King Regent" is not used for male regents, simply "Lord Regent".

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While a Regent may functionally rule in place of an under-aged monarch, only the King or the Hand of the King are allowed to sit on the Iron Throne itself. Thus even after Cersei becomes Queen Regent, tradition prevents her from sitting on the throne itself, so she sits on a gilded chair at its foot.

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