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Richard Ridings (born 19 September 1958) is a British actor. He has a significant number of acting roles to his name, appearing in television, in film, on stage and as a voice-over artist for cartoons and computer games. He was a series regular on Fat Friends and Common as Muck. He has several notable appearances in the science fiction and fantasy genre, appearing in Red Dwarf, Highlander: The Series and Merlin. He has lent his voice-over talents to computer games such as Fable II, Killzone 2, Quake III: Arena and Dungeon Keeper and its sequel.

In Game of Thrones Ridings played the role of Gared in the unaired pilot. He was confirmed in the role on 20 October 2009, but on 17 July 2010 it was revealed that he had been replaced in the role by Dermot Keaney in the reshoots of the prologue sequence.

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