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In Season 2 Robb Stark remains a major character.

The North RemembersEdit

Stannis Baratheon learns of Jaime Lannister's incestuous relationship with Cersei in a letter sent by Eddard Stark before his death. Stannis composes his own missive and sends it to all the high lords of the Seven Kingdoms asking them to declare their loyalty to him and telling them of Joffrey Baratheon's illegitimacy.[1]

Robb is shown into the cells in the midst of his camp. Jaime wonders why Robb has not kept him in the castle of one of his bannermen and suggests that Robb has grown fond of him. Robb explains that he knows Tywin Lannister would bribe and threaten his bannermen into giving Jaime up. Jaime needles that Robb does not trust his bannermen and Robb counters that he trusts them with his life but not with Jaime's life. Jaime calls Robb a smart boy and then wonders if he feels insulted. Jaime is startled by Grey Wind circling the cage. Robb says that Jaime is only insulting himself because he was defeated and held captive by a boy. Robb warns that Jaime might be killed by a boy as Grey Wind enters the cell to stand behind him. Robb tells Jaime that he has received Stannis's letter and knows that Jaime is Joffrey's true father. Jaime points out that the claim is convenient for Stannis because it makes him the rightful king. Robb asserts that Eddard was executed for discovering the truth and Jaime notes that he was already a captive when Eddard was killed. Robb says that Jaime pushed Bran out of the tower because he caught Jaime with Cersei. Jaime asks if Robb has proof and asserts that it is only gossip otherwise. Robb says that he is sending one of Jaime's cousins to King's Landing with peace terms. Jaime claims that Robb does not know Tywin if he expects him to negotiate. Robb says that Tywin is starting to know him. Jaime says that three victories do not make Robb a conqueror and Robb says that it is better than three defeats. Robb leaves Grey Wind alone with Jaime.[1]

Ser Alton Lannister is brought to Robb’s tent to hear the terms he will deliver to his cousins. Robb begins by demanding the release of his sisters. He asks for the return of the remains of Eddard so that he can be laid to rest with his siblings in the crypts of Winterfell. He adds that he wants the remains of all those who died in Eddard’s service so that their families can similarly honour their dead. Alton calls the second request honourable. Robb ignores the comment and demands that the North be recognised as a free and independent nation. Alton cannot contain his shock. Ser Rodrik Cassel, seated to Robb’s left, says Robb’s title “The King in the North.” The other officers present nod and repeat it. Theon Greyjoy, seated to Robb’s right, does the same. Robb ends by saying that Joffrey and his men are barred from their lands. He threatens the same fate as Eddard received to anyone breaking his rules and adds that he will not need a servant to wield the blade for him. Seeing Alton's disbelief, Robb stands up and emphatically states his intention to litter the south with Lannister dead if his terms are not met. Alton claims that Joffrey is a Baratheon and Robb challenges the assertion. He then dismisses his men.[1]

Theon approaches him in the entrance of his tent and asks his “grace” for a word. Robb tells Theon that he does not need to use the honorific when they are alone. Theon says that he is getting used to it and Robb jokes that he is glad that someone is. Theon says that the Lannisters will reject the terms and Robb says that he expects them to do so. Theon says that they can fight the Lannisters in the field indefinitely but that the war will not be won until Robb takes King’s Landing. Theon says that they need a fleet to take the capital and that his father Balon Greyjoy has both ships and men who know how to sail them. Robb reminds Theon that his father fought against House Stark in the Greyjoy Rebellion. Theon counters that they were fighting King Robert for freedom from the Iron Throne, comparing their cause to Robb's. He claims that Balon will listen to him because he is Balon’s only living son. Theon concludes that while he is not a Stark, Eddard raised him to be an honourable man and that they can avenge Eddard together.[1]

Robb seeks Catelyn's advice and she counsels against an alliance with Balon because he is untrustworthy. She cites the rebellion as proof. Robb says that Eddard fought against the throne in Robert's Rebellion just as he is doing now, and that she married a rebel and mothered another. She says that she mothered more than just rebels, questioning Robb’s memory of his imperilled sisters. Robb says that he cannot exchange Jaime for his sisters and maintain the loyalty of his bannermen. Catelyn asks what they are fighting for if not for Arya and Sansa. Robb raises his voice and asserts that she knows that the situation is more complicated than she is suggesting.[1]

Catelyn turns away as Robb shakes his head ruefully. She sits down slowly and says that it is time for her to go home to see Bran and Rickon. Robb says that she cannot go to Winterfell. She is taken aback at being commanded by her son. He says that he will send Rodrik to look after his brothers but that he needs her to go to the Stormlands to negotiate with Renly. He says that Catelyn is an ideal envoy because she knows Renly and his family and notes that Renly has an army 100,000 men strong. She says that Robb has a hundred other lords he could send as an envoy. He insists that he cannot trust them as much as he trusts her. He says that an alliance with Renly would give them a 2:1 advantage over the Lannisters and force them to sue for peace allowing them to return home for good. Catelyn promises to leave at first light and Robb kisses her before promising that they will be together again soon. Catelyn tells him that his father would be proud of him. Robb asks her to give “Lord Renly” his regards and Catelyn reminds him that Renly is a king now, like many others.[1]

The Night LandsEdit

Cersei rejects Robb's terms as expected. Tyrion convinces Cersei to return Eddard's remains as a gesture of good faith.[2]

Garden of BonesEdit

Grey Wind surprises and kills Lannister pickets at the perimeter of their camp near Oxcross. Robb leads a cavalry charge through the darkness as he hears the screams in the distance.[3]

Day dawns on the many corpses strewn across the battlefield. Robb tours the aftermath with his bannermen. Lord Roose Bolton reports that they killed five Lannister men for every casualty they suffered. He expresses concern over the volume of prisoners they have taken, saying that they are struggling to feed their own men. Robb insists that the prisoners be treated well and rejects Roose’s suggestion that they torture the officers, reminding him that the Bolton’s traditional practice of flaying their enemies is outlawed in the North. Roose warns Robb that the high road is pretty but difficult. Robb counters that he is treating his prisoners as he hopes the Lannsiters will treat his sisters.[3]

They come across a nurse and a silent sister treating a wounded Lannister soldier. The healer is preparing to amputate his leg to prevent a wound infection spreading. The soldier is begging her not to proceed but she insists on the necessity of amputation. Roose criticizes her spending time on the Lannister soldiers and she retorts that the Northmen are not her men. Robb helps to restrain the wounded man as she saws off his lower leg.[3]

Her patient is carted off and Robb asks her name. She introduces herself as Talisa and declines to give her last name. She criticizes Robb for giving the orders that wounded the man. She attacks his position that the Lannisters killed his family and asserts that the common soldiers have nothing to do with King Joffrey Baratheon. She tells Robb that her patient is a fisherman’s son from Lannisport and no warrior. Robb says that he does not hate the soldier and she sarcastically notes that Robb’s lack of animosity will help his foot grow back. She packs up her instruments and loads them onto a cart. Robb says that he is fighting to overthrow Joffrey and asks her to consider what peace under Joffrey would be like. She asks what his plan is once he has deposed Joffrey and he admits not having one. He says that his focus is on winning the war. She begins to ride away on her cart and Robb asks where she is from. She says Volantis and Robb observes that she is far from home. He adds that her patient was lucky she was there and she retorts that he was unlucky that Robb was there.[3]

The Ghost of HarrenhalEdit

Catelyn is negotiating an alliance with Renly, as he is being prepared for battle by Brienne. Renly says that he is prepared to make an alliance with Robb Stark who may even continue to call himself King of the North (king only being a word). So long as Robb swears fealty, saying the same oath that Eddard swore to Robert and then joins him in defeating their enemies. Suddenly and horrifically, Renly is assassinated by a shadow immediately afterwards. Catelyn and Brienne flee his camp to return to Robb. Renly's forces agree to follow his less agreeable brother King Stannis Baratheon, who will never even consider an alliance. [4]

The Old Gods and the NewEdit

Robb walks through his camp in the Westerlands. His men are displaying their plunder including Lannister banners and helmets. He greets several of them warmly as he passes. He spots Talisa Maegyr writing a letter and approaches her. He greets her as “Lady Talisa.” She claims to be unsure if she is a lady according to Westerosi customs. Robb says that it can be confusing but that any woman of noble birth is always called a lady unless she is a queen or a princess. She asks why he thinks she is of noble birth and he says that it is obvious. She claims that her father sold lace on the Long Bridge of Volantis and that her family lived above her shop. He says that she is lying and she says that it is ignoble to call a lady of dishonesty. She realizes her mistake and they share a smile. She says that she thought that she was a brilliant liar. Robb says that she is better at amputations. He says that they have found a pretty spot and she asks if they will be there long. He replies that he cannot discuss troop movements with her. She says that she is not a spy and he says that is exactly what a spy would say. She jokes that she is writing to the Lannisters. He asks her to join him but is interrupted by the arrival of his mother Catelyn Stark. Catelyn is accompanied by Brienne of Tarth.[5]

Robb greets his mother and introduces Talisa. Catelyn asks her surname and she says that she is called Maegyr. Catelyn does not recognize the name and Talisa explains that it is an old name in her home of Volantis. She excuses herself and Catelyn watches Robb’s reaction to her departure.[5]

Robb says that he has missed Catelyn and she says that he looks positively forlorn. He says that she surprised him. She warns him that he is not free to follow his heart and cautions him not to forget his betrothal to House Frey. Roose Bolton interrupts them with news from Winterfell.[5]

Robb reads the news of Theon’s betrayal and seizing of Winterfell in his command tent. He says that it cannot be true as Catelyn paces behind him. Roose says that it is true and cites similar reports from White Harbor, Barrowton and the Dreadfort. Robb wonders why Theon betrayed him and Roose says that “the Greyjoys are treasonous whores.” Robb asks about his brothers and Roose says that there has been no word of them. Roose reports news of the execution of Ser Rodrik Cassel. Catelyn says that she warned Robb never to trust a Greyjoy. Robb says that he must return north at once. Roose counsels that Robb still has a war to win in the south. Robb angrily asks Roose how he can call himself King if he cannot hold his own castle. Roose asserts that Robb is a king and does not have to do everything himself. Catelyn asks Robb to send her to talk to Theon. Robb insists that there will be no more talking and that Theon will die for his treachery. Roose says that Theon has only a skeleton crew to hold the castle and asks Robb to let him send his bastard to retake Winterfell. He says that they have the Lannisters on the run and will lose what they have gained if they return north. Roose says that his son would be honoured to bring Theon’s head to Robb. Robb orders Roose to tell his son that Bran and Rickon’s safety is paramount. He also orders Theon brought to him alive so that he ask him why before executing him personally.[5]

A Man Without HonorEdit

Inside his command tent King Robb Stark receives the returning captive Ser Alton Lannister, who was dispatched with peace terms to the Queen Regent Cersei Lannister. Robb asks for her response and Alton is hesitant. Robb tells Alton that he will not hold him accountable for the actions of his distant relatives. Alton admits that Cersei tore the letter in half. Robb thanks Alton for acting with honor and orders Lord Rickard Karstark to provide him with a clean cell and a hot supper. Rickard reports that their cells are overflowing since taking further prisoners at the Battle of the Yellow Fork. Lord Roose Bolton interjects that they have too many prisoners. Robb asks if they have room for Ser Alton and Rickard sarcastically wonders if he needs to lie down. Robb orders a new pen for Alton and says that he is to be held with Ser Jaime Lannister under the guard of Rickard’s son Torrhen in the mean time. Robb dismisses his bannermen.[6]

Talisa Maegyr approaches and asks to speak with Robb. Roose is slow to depart, staring at the field medic as she waits for privacy. Talisa says that she has been treating Robb’s wounded and he responds that his bannermen are swift to point out that she is still treating his enemies. She says that they are not her enemies and Robb says that he tells his bannermen the same thing. She says that she has run out of the supplies she brought with her and is unable to replace some of them. She says that she requires silk for suturing, fennel root as an antipyretic, willow bark and milk of the poppy for analgesia. She reminds Robb that he assisted her in an amputation without the sedative and painkilling properties of the poppy derived drink and says that she assumes their will be further loss of limbs before the war is over. He wonders if she needs help finding the supplies and she interrupts that she knows where to get them. She apologizes for interrupting and he invites her to continue. She reveals that she is aware of his plan to force the Crag to surrender and asks him to obtain the supplies from the Maester there. He asks her to accompany him to the castle and speak to the Maester herself. She is hesitant but accedes when he says he wants the wounded men of both sides to be treated well.[6]

The Prince of WinterfellEdit

Robb and Talisa
Robb and Talisa take a walk
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Robb Stark and Talisa Maegyr walk through woodland near a riverbank on their way back from the Crag. Four Stark guardsmen follow behind them. Talisa questions Robb about his betrothal. She about his intended and he admits that he has not met her only knows that she is from House Frey. Talisa says that she is sure they will be very happy and they share a laugh. Talisa notes that Robb is marrying into House Frey because of a bridge, referring to the Crossing. Robb explains that the bridge is important, particularly at the time because his father was still alive and he believed that he could rescue him if he could cross. Talisa says that when she has spoken with people from the North they have told her how much they loved Eddard Stark. Robb says that his father was the best man he has ever known, adding that all children think that about their fathers and beginning to explain that he truly believes it. Talisa interrupts him to say that not all children think that way.[7]

Robb relates a lesson his father gave him about being a lord; Eddard compared it to fatherhood but with thousands of children to protect. Eddard worried constantly about the people under his protection and feared letting them down. Robb says that he did not believe Eddard and questioned how a man can be brave when he is afraid. Eddard taught him that a man can only be brave when he is afraid. Talisa says that she would have liked to meet Eddard and Robb says that Eddard would have liked her. Talisa says that most lords are more concerned with selfish matters like gold and glory than the welfare of their people. Robb says that Eddard was not concerned with such things. Talisa wonders what Robb is focused on. He refutes the idea that he is fighting to become famous and asserts that he wants to go home. He adds that he wants his followers to go home safely too. Talisa asks why he does not just leave and he answers that they will not be safe until the Lannisters are defeated. He also says that he believes in justice. Talisa asks if he means beheading Joffrey and Robb says that it would be a start.[7]

A pair of riders flying a Stark pennant approach. The lead rider is a messenger and he brings news for Robb; Ser Jaime Lannister has escaped during the night. Robb demands to know how and the messenger hesitates. Robb repeats the question forcefully. He is told that Catelyn has freed Jaime Lannister without his consent.[7]

Robb confronts Catelyn
Robb confronts Catelyn
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Robb and Lord Rickard Karstark burst into Catelyn’s tent. Brienne of Tarth is not guarding the entrance. Robb demands that his mother tell him that news of her involvement in Jaime’s escape is not true. She says nothing and he goes on to ask her why. She says that she acted for her daughters. Robb says that Catelyn has betrayed him, talking over her protests, because she knew that he would not allow her to release Jaime but did it anyway. Catelyn explains that with news that Bran and Rickon were captured at Winterfell she knew that only one of her five children was free and could not stand it.[7]

Rickard interjects that one of his sons died fighting for Robb and that Jaime murdered another. He says that Catelyn’s excuse for her treason is unacceptable when other family’s have suffered worse for Robb’s cause. Rickard says that he would kill himself as an offering to the gods if he could have his sons be in captivity but alive. Catelyn says that she grieves for Rickard’s sons but Rickard interrupts her to say that he does not want her grief but his vengeance, which she stole from him. Catelyn argues that killing Jaime could not buy life for Rickard’s children but that returning him might buy freedom for her daughters.[7]

Robb tells Catelyn that Jaime has played her for a fool. He says that her actions have weakened their position and brought discord into his camp all while acting behind his back. He orders Catelyn guarded day and night and ignores her protests. He asks a guard how many men they sent in pursuit of Jaime and then orders the number doubled from 40 to 80.[7]

Robb Stark and Roose Bolton
Robb and Roose
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King Robb Stark meets with Lord Roose Bolton in his command tent to discuss the seizure of Winterfell by Theon Greyjoy. Robb is disappointed by the lack of news from the North and Roose insists that they have sent a dozen ravens without response. Roose reassures Robb that his bastard son is only a day’s march from Winterfell. Roose begins to describe what will happen when they retake the castle. Robb expresses concern that Theon will harm Bran and Rickon if they storm the fortress. Roose argues that Theon will not harm the boys because of their value in negotiating for his escape from the North alive. Theon asks Roose to send word to his son that they will grant mercy to any Ironborn who surrender. Roose balks at the suggestion, warning Robb that a little mercy can be a virtue but too much is a weakness. Robb explains that he means any Ironborn except Theon. Robb asserts Theon’s status as a marked man because of his treachery and swears to hunt him down wherever he runs. Roose sees the wisdom of the plan, saying that he expects Theon’s men will quickly turn against him when they have the offer.[7]

Talisa Maegyr enters the tent, she greets them both and apologizes for the interruption. Roose departs, leaving them alone. She asks Robb how he is. He considers the question and then reels of a litany of his problems; arresting his mother for treason, his sisters being captives, he has been betrayed by the man he considered his closest friend and he is uncertain of his strategy in the war. Talisa apologizes saying that it was a stupid question. Robb asks her forgiveness for his bad mood and says that he had no right to respond rudely to her kindness. She says that he has every right because he is a King. Robb says that he does not want to be that kind of king. Talisa asks what kind he would prefer to be and he answers that he is unsure and suggests “the good kind.” He confides his lack of preparation for the roll because he grew up as the heir to Winterfell rather than as a Prince.[7]

Talisa steps closer and says that she was raised to be a proper little lady in a conspirational tone. She expands that she was expected to dance the latest steps, recite Valyrian poetry and play the high harp. Robb says that he would like to hear her play and she jokes that he definitely would not enjoy it. They share a laugh.[7]

Robb turns his back to pour wine for her. He asks how she went from the life of a noblewoman to performing battlefield surgery. He hands her the goblet as she considers the question. She tells him a deeply personal story from her childhood in Volantis. Her parents had gone to attend a wedding, an event lasting days in the Free City. She was aged 12 and was left to care for her little brother. It was the hottest part of the three year summer so they ran down to the river Rhoyne to bathe. The river was busy with children swimming nude between the shore and the small islands. There were drummers playing for coppers on the eastern bank. She was treading water and talking to a friend when she realised that she had not seen her brother for some time. She looked for him, screamed for him but could not see him. She eventually spotted him floating face down in the water. They dragged him ashore and she screamed at him to breathe but feared that he was already dead. She was astounded when a slave from a fishing boat, recognizable from the fish tattooed on his face, rushed over and pushed her aside. She explains to Robb that it is a crime punishable by death for a slave to touch a noble like that. She says that the slave showed no regard for his own life in rushing to her brother’s side. The man pounded on her brother’s chest until he coughed up all the water he had swallowed and returned to them. The man cradled her brother and told him to be calm. She confides that the incident caused her to vow not to waste her time on the trivial concerns of the nobility and once she came of age never to live in a slave city again.[7]

Robb and Talisa1
Robb and Talisa kiss
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She apologizes for going on when Robb had shared his problems. Robb stands blurting out that he does not want to marry the Frey girl. She hesitantly admits that she does not want him to marry a Frey either. They stare at one another until Talisa breaks the gaze, saying that Robb needed the bridge. He steps towards her as she says that she hopes it is a very beautiful bridge. He draws her into a passionate kiss and they hastily undress one another while they kiss. Talisa laughs as they embrace and sink to the floor, kissing all the while. She ends up lying on top of Robb. They are still for a moment and she then kisses him tenderly.[7]

Valar MorghulisEdit

King Robb Stark visits his mother Catelyn Stark in her tent to discuss his plan to break his betrothal to House Frey to marry Talisa Maegyr. Catelyn is still confined to her tent having released Jaime Lannister without Robb’s consent. She counsels that Lord Walder Frey is a dangerous man to cross. Robb says that he knows that and she asks if he means to do it anyway. Robb asserts that he loves Talisa. Catelyn asks if that is really important and he replies that it is to him. Catelyn tells him that his father, Eddard Stark, did not love her when they were first married. She says that they hardly knew one another and that they built their love for one another slowly over time for the good of their family. She says that working on a marriage is not as exciting as secret passion in the woods but is ultimately stronger. Robb bristles as she tells him that it lasts longer. He asks if he can expect to slowly build a loving relationship with one of Walder Frey’s daughters. Catelyn asks why not, wondering if he thinks his wife will not be beautiful or exotic and exciting like Talisa. Robb says that Catelyn is arguing only because she made the arrangement with Lord Frey. Catelyn reminds Robb that he agreed to the terms and gave his word. Catelyn warns Robb that if he treats his oaths recklessly then his people will do the same. Catelyn begins to say that Robb’s father lived his life for honor. Robb counters that his father is dead and Catelyn has no right to call anyone reckless. He walks out, leaving Catelyn with her guards.[8]

A Septon conducts the marriage of Robb and Talisa in the woods outside the Stark camp. He binds their hands together with a ribbon and proclaims their souls bound together in the sight of the seven for eternity. He asks them to turn to one another and say the words. They name the seven gods and say “I am [theirs] and [they] are mine from this day until the end of my days.” They kiss tenderly and then hold one another close.[8]


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