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Rodeo FX is a visual effects company based out of Montreal, Canada. It was one of the main special effects vendors working on Game of Thrones Season 4, for which it won the 2014 Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Special and Visual Effects.

Rodeo FX created a total of 150 shots for Season 4 over the span of six months with the help of over 100 artists, project managers, and technicians. Shots they worked on included:[1]

Rodeo FX continued to work on the TV series in Season 5. Shots they worked on included:[2]

  • Toppling the giant harpy statue from the Great Pyramid of Meereen. Other wide-shot cityscape vistas of Meereen.
  • Background vistas of the King's Landing cityscape, including the Great Sept of Baelor.
  • Shots of the landscape seen from the top of the Wall when Jon talks to Stannis, and wide-shots of the Wall itself.
  • The exterior city-wide views of Volantis.
  • The overgrown ruins of Old Valyria.
  • Digitally doubling up the Hall of Faces in the House of Black and White.

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