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"After years of war, my ancestors gave up their barbaric practices and bent the knee to their new kings."
―Lord Roose Bolton on Rogar's submission.[src]

Rogar Bolton - also known as Rogar the Huntsman - was the last Red King of the Dreadfort before bending the knee to the Stark Kings in the North.



Rogar Bolton was the the last head of House Bolton who ruled as a petty king. He bent the knee to House Stark, forswearing the practice of flaying as a sign of allegiance to his new king.[1]

In the books

According to the World of Ice and Fire sourcebook (2014), Rogar Bolton was the last of the Red Kings of House Bolton, who ruled their own independent kingdom in the eastern parts of what later became "the North", and vied with the Starks for control over the rest of it. Rogar Bolton submitted to the Starks just as the Andal Invasion was beginning in southern Westeros, meaning that he lived roughly 6,000 years ago.

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Lord: None, extinct Heir: None, extinct
Seat: Winterfell
The Dreadfort
Lands: The North
Title(s): Red King (former) · Lord of the Dreadfort
Ancestors:Royce IV Bolton · Rogar Bolton
Current members:None, extinct
Deceased members:Domeric Bolton · Ramsay Bolton · Roose Bolton · Walda Bolton
Household:{Locke} · Steelshanks · {Myranda} · {Tansy} · {Violet} · {Master Torturer} · Maester Wolkan
Overlord:House Baratheon of King's Landing


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