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Roslin Frey
Roslin Frey
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Date of birth
Walder Frey - father
Joyeuse Frey - stepmother
Olyvar Frey - brother
Stevron Frey - half-brother
Lothar Frey - half-brother
Waldron Frey - half-brother
Walder Rivers - half-brother
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Roslin Frey is an unseen character although she will be appearing on-screen in Season 3. She is arranged to marry Edmure Tully although she was previously the intended bride for Robb Stark.



Roslin is the 19-year-old daughter of Lord Walder Frey, Lord of the Crossing. She was intended to marry King Robb Stark as part of alliance between her father and him,[1] but Robb fell in love and married Talisa Maegyr instead.[2]

Season 3

Black Walder and Lothar Frey arrive at Riverrun after Robb Stark offers to renew their alliance, but Black Walder relays that Lord Walder insists that Edmure Tully must immediately marry Roslin, having "gone off" long engagements after Robb reneged on his engagement. Edmure initially refuses, but eventually consents after bowing to family pressure as well as his desire to make amends for his blunder at the Battle of Stone Mill.[3]

In the books

In the A Song of Ice and Fire novels, Roslin is born from Lord Walder's sixth wife, Bethany Rosby. Roslin is the fifth child that Bethany bore Walder, and she has four older brothers: Perwyn, Benfrey, Willamen, and Olyvar. Members of House Rosby are known to have frail health to begin with, and Bethany's frequent pregnancies took a heavy toll on her body. Walder kept Bethany almost constantly pregnant, having a new child every year of their marriage, and ultimately Roslin's mother died not long after she was born.

Roslin is described as being the prettiest of Walder Frey's offspring. She is small with very white skin, a pretty face with a small chin, delicate nose, and big brown eyes. Between her teeth she has a small gap. Her hair is brown and reaches her waist. She has a gentle nature and a talent for music.

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