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Rupert Vansittart
Rupert vansittart
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10 February 1958
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Rupert Vansittart is an actor cast in the role of Lord Yohn Royce in Season 4.[1] He returned to the role for Season 5.[2]

No stranger to gritty medieval set pieces, Vansittart is well known for appearing in the 1994 film Braveheart as Lord Bottoms, the English lord who goes to Scotland and asserts the right of prima noctis (First Night) over the local Scots, sparking off a Scottish rebellion. Vansittart is also known for his performances on British television, appearing in series such as Doctor Who, The Bill, Mr. Bean and The Thin Blue Line (the latter of which saw Vansittart guest-star alongside Owen Teale, who portrays Ser Alliser Thorne in Game of Thrones). He has also appeared in numerous British films such as Four Weddings and a Funeral, The Iron Lady and Johnny English Reborn.

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